Top tricks and hacks to make your Android run faster

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Custom Roms:

This video will run through the best tricks and hacks you can use to get more speed and performance out of an old or flagging Android device. No more lags and better gaming performance!

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  1. The developer options only work if you leave the developer options on. I also heard that's not a good idea

  2. This why i hate androids just got this new phone and every tap takes like 20 seconds tp process cant wait till i get my iPhone

  3. Rooted only to find out there aint any custom rom for my junk of a phone….why god….


    They require a custom recovery (usually TWRP) and a bootloader that's unlocked. Also, while custom ROMs are good for performance boosting, you should've talked about custom kernels instead.

    Android Authority, you're supposed to know this stuff. You are quickly becoming an unreliable source.

  5. I hope I don't receive super annoying Hacks videos on my home page after accidentally clicking on this Video. YouTube recommendation are really bad. Why such kinda Title from a well known channel?

  6. Two days ago I re-installed the stock official 6.0.1 ROM on my Galaxy S5 Snapdragon and it's at least twice as fast as it was on the custom ROM I was on for the past few months (Nemesis Reborn v5). If you want stability, everything to work, and the best battery life, using the OEM's firmware is the best bet. Also keeping daily used apps in RAM as mentioned in this video.

  7. Fake news tip 1 make them slower!!! Edit: GPU rendering is should only be done on anything with less than a octo-core because 8-core CPUs tend to drain more power even without it enabled also 8-cores should be plenty so no need to GPU render unless the phone is extremely sluggish due to a poorly made launcher.

  8. One of your tip actually made my phone slower the "force gpu render". Sooooo… Yeah… I didn't see much difference when I turned it on and the app loading times were much slower (I've tested multiple times) not sure if it's just my device or what but it made the app loading times slower..

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