Top Tips to Make Learning Android Development Easier

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Read more: | Adam shares the best tips for learning Android development. From taking your first steps to optimizing your workflow, knowing a good shortcut when you see it, building good habits and reverse engineering the work of others, dev life doesn’t have to be difficult.

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  1. I have a bachelor in computer sciences and learned java, xml, programming the good way. I think android development, the sdk is a giant pile of shit. It is horrible, unessesary difficult. To get simple things done it requires massive effort. You need to make a new layout for every type and kind of screen (and on a real device, the layout is broken!)

  2. my personal pro tip
    Slow and steady wins the race
    My recommendation to beginners is start learning and practicing but don't rush . The best way is to spend 1 hour daily for few months .

  3. how is android development in dell xps?
    i want to purchase a laptop but im confused that which one should i have to buy?macbook pro or dell xps i am a student and thinking that whatever i will buy i will use it in my student time and after graduation for work also so please help me to choose.

  4. Well sir my big question can i start learning to make a small app by seeing youtube videos with few basic knowledge of programming but how can i develope myself and move to next step

  5. Final Tip : Don't forget to download more RAM because Android Studio is a Resource hungry software.

  6. Why are the British so long winded? It's like an art for them to say as much as they can without ever actually saying anything useful.

  7. I don't recommend android development anymore. They just suspend publisher accounts without any reason, their bots are shit. And your revenue becomes to zero, you can never register a new account if once you got suspended. So for lifetime choice, this is not a good option to develop for android until and unless other marketplace jumps in like amazon etc.

  8. I already know basics of java and object oriented programing concepts….will be easier for me to learn android?…I want to make a career out of it

  9. Great video, I'm still a beginner but this advice is perfect I have been working on a project for around 4 months and have crossed many hurdles one of the important things that he has said is reverse engineering! I've had a few problems I couldnt figure out even with google but after looking at open source projects you can see how they solved a similar problem having these tools available is unbelievable valuable.

  10. because of video tutorial, I survived my degree. thanks to the indians who makes android studio video tutorials.

  11. Your Are a great person .You really help me understand that i was thinking right ….Thankyou for your precious time

  12. hey man I saw your video on Bruce lee's philosophy..flow and crash i watch it almost everyday..I want to know as odd as it may sound..has master lee influenced you here.?? haha I also need help understanding background services..make a downloading service tutorial if you get the time…

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