Top Smartphones of 2020? ft. MKBHD

Talking about the best current 2020 and future smartphones with MKBHD (Marques Brownlee)!
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  1. A smartphone being a laptop? Well then you either have a damn big Smartphone or you have to start visiting origami courses.

  2. MKBHD was right.. Choosing phone like choosing a path to start your journey. Like myself, i prefer to use Nubia Red Magic 3S because im heavy mobile gamer and i dont really care about camera like most people does.

  3. Sadly the same issue regarding Design is ruining the Watch industry and the car industry. Market led, people do think bigger is better, so the market fluids with big shit. Rolex is a prime example, sizes have jumped for both men and women to sizes that no longer even fit the wrist properly. Porche is also a great example, the beauty of the sports car, which would have been quintessential a Porche 911 1978-80's is now a super sized monster. As you also see, most luxury car brands are now Jeep Companies. HA SAD SAD REALITY. Market is led by the common denominator .

  4. So I'm 3mins in and I just started thinking of a one handed phone,you can open to a full take your phone out of your pocket.see the caller and using your thumb,let's say.and. Open to a face time or whatever app

  5. Pffff… I laugh at iPhone 11 pro Max after seeing Huawei Mate 30 pro, Samsung Galaxy S20 series and Google Pixel 3, 3a and 4a. (I honestly like the Oneplus 8 pro more than the iPhone 11 pro Max)

  6. So this video didn’t fit the title but it was still good lmao

  7. Am I the only one here who has a Android 5.1 and is begging my dad to empty his damn old Android 6.0 phone to give to me?

  8. The increasing size of smartphones is really getting annoying. I was thinking of buying either the Samsung A51, S20, or the one+ 8pro. And I chose the most expensive S20 because it is the smallest and this one already barely fits in my hand and I normally need both hands to use it. Pls companies make slightly smaller phones!

  9. Did he actually say that women were unable to use high end smartphones… Unbelievable

  10. I'd buy the Galaxy S20 in an instant, but not with Exynos… They even use Snapdragon Chips in South Korea, what's up with that? 😐

  11. There is no "Flagship" small phone anymore , the only phone that has the exact same features except the battery and screen size of course is the iphone 11 pro every smaller android variant has chopped down features that have nothing to do with the device being smaller the companies just want to push their bigger more expensive phones with all the gimmicks so they take away the important stuff from the smaller less expensive phone to push you to that path.

  12. I know MKBHD has a good reputation, but relax my friend (MWTB). He's not your boss or teacher whom you have to please or can't have a different opinion from. I have subscribed to your channel as i believe in your opinion too. Be proud of your own opinion MWTB. Collabs are good, but holding yourself with good self esteem is also important.

  13. When it comes to shake shifting tyoe ideas I liked where razer was going with project Linda and I've actually thought that might be a cool idea for a while. Once smartphones are powerful enough to replace a laptop I'd love to see that idea come back around.

  14. I hope the foldable form sticks around as an option because I live in a rural area and cell towers are one of my only options that's economical. So I buy nice phones just as a home device. So a big screen would be real nice.

  15. Hey Idiots , LG V60 is the Best and the Beast of 2020 , u're just two idiots who know nothing about Smartphones

  16. Apple is truly truly truly the new blackberry. While the world innovate they just push the same shit every year. So the new apple will have more emoticons Waaawwwww and a new color waaaawww holy shit. The sheep and soyboy should really wake up. And how the LGBTQMKHB ia pushing the apple i wonder if they get paid by the rotten apple corporation

  17. I always feel like these guys are paid to make bias reviews about LG phones πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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