Top PC Games for Couples | Video Games That Couples Can Play

Lets talk about the top PC games I play with my girl. This video is for any couples out there looking to get some gaming action together. We talk about our favorite games we have been playing for the last few months.

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  1. Here's 2 more that me and my boyfriend are looking into right now:
    Elder scrolls online
    Red dead redemption 2 online

    I like elder scrolls lore and he likes mmorpg games, that's why we are considering eso
    We both grew up watching westerns with our grandfathers so rdr2 online should be a great way to immerse ourselves in that childhood fantasy of the wild west

    I came here looking for more ideas because it's so great when 2 gamers find each other; the next step is obviously moving in together in a virtual world and making millions of virtual dollar bills doing group fetch quests or surviving apocalypse scenarios. This could be a great way to test the couple's compatibility as well. Thanks for some more ideas!

  2. i really really loved skyforge , but unfortunately it's agains my religion to play as a god , if only they could change the idea
    ps: you guys look so adorable i wish all best for you , god you look so cute ^^

  3. I just finished The Witness with my wife. Great to solve difficult puzzles together.

  4. Oh this is very helpful! I’m trying to find a game for me and my boyfriend to play together since he lives somewhere else than I do. So I want to find a way to stay closer to him.

  5. Sorry but you guys get a dislike from me for a deceptive title! You're clearly both hardcore gamers! couple gaming is usually about simple split screen couch games!
    Most girls aren't big on gaming! I'm struggling to get my gf to play rocket league well! Not to mention these proper games you're going on about.
    If you have a gf that's already a gamer, then there is no need for this discussion, I'd play the same games I played with my brother growing up, solved.

  6. Path of Exile is really good to play together really in-depth skill tree

  7. There more you say you are a cute couple, the more you might believe it. someday.

  8. Jose, you lucky guy, hot wife, and she is a gamer… I envy you bro.. Thanks for the vid

  9. My boyfriend and I are usually looking for new games to play together.
    While we've played all the games that were listed and enjoyed them, I think the ones that stood out the most for us were Smite & Ark: Survival Evolved.

    Currently, we're switching between Smite and PUBG. I hope to get him into 7 Days to Die! He doesn't seem interested, but we'll see. 😁

  10. My gf says video gaming is not for her 🙁
    I'm sad
    I want a gf that games
    Fuuuuuck, excuse my french.

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