Top Android Pie tips & tricks for Nokia Android smartphones

Top Android Pie tips & tricks for Nokia Android smartphones
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  1. There is a bug in Nokia 7 plus, in home screen settings there is suggestion option.
    In that option I have enable apps option which should show my top 5 most used app on top.
    But instead it shows only 5 apps, photos , maps, Gmail, clock and settings . I have never used maps but still it's showing on top always. But there is a catch.
    When I swipe up inside an app, it shows apps which I have really used but when I swipe on home screen it shows on those 5 mentioned apps.
    Please help

  2. Notification / action center panel must be open from bottom swipe up gesture due to large phones or small for ease. and app draw can be open from side pages swpies left or right as apple i think.

  3. Nokia 8 can get dual volte or dual 4g on Android pie update? If not I will exchange Nokia 8 to one plus 6T,😣

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