Top 7 iPhone SE2 Alternatives

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  1. I feel somehow Apple is getting the price to product ratio bit wrong , let us know what is your opinion on this ?

  2. Hey! You forgot the mention the actual competitor for SE its Samsungs S10e. Each one suggested by you just falls around the price bracket of SE…anyway its very tuff to compare android phones vs iphones, good you even tried…

  3. I am waiting for OnePlus Z dear.
    Currently using OnePlus 6T with no complaints so far!

  4. My final choice over a iPhone SE total upgrade would be Realme x2 Pro.
    First and most important, it has the same price.
    Second, it's processor has been shown to be as powerful as iPhone 11 Pro Max, so it's assumed it's also as good as SE.
    Third, everything else in the phone is pretty good, while everything else besides the processor in iPhone SE is pretty trash.

  5. Iphone SE 2020 costs 399. a real alternative under $400 is the Samsung A71. Better phone overall

  6. these are expensive alternatives
    maybe a71, pixel 3a/4a, s10e etc is better imo

  7. Apple product has 50% product cost and 50% that logo cost. That's why every apple product is expensive compare to other.

  8. This is such a good list! Here in the US the 7t can be found for under $400 used and the Mi 10 is every bit as good as the OnePlus 8 Pro but it's $300 cheaper at $600. Those are the absolute best deals right now, I wouldn't even consider spending any more than that.

  9. You showed GSMArena photo shots for Realme X50Pro.. please go through their opinion on the phone's camera review where they've praised the phone!..

    OnePlus 8 is overrated in your video!

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