Top 5 Tricks to For Increasing Battery Life on the Galaxy S8

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󠀠 Top 5 Tricks to For Increasing Battery Life on the Galaxy S8

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Top 5 Battery Saving tips for Galaxy S9:

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  1. Sleep mode
    Display (timeout)
    screen resolution
    Always on display

  2. Thanks for those tips. I made one adjustment that will make sure always on is off. I hate waking up with battery at 0%.

  3. Hello Mr. Jonny Troche, I'd kindly like to state that I do have a pre-owned Galaxy S7 Edge and the battery life on this thing is excellent!(3600 milli amp hours) and I know that the S9 Plus and the s9 flagship devices are out but I didn't really like them because they're practically the same as the s8 series.So what I'm saying when I first saw the s8,it was love at first sight,but then my friends bought it and said that it's a top of the line smartphone but it has a very weak battery(3000 mAh :'( ) But they told me that the S8 Plus has a bigger battery(3500 mAh)But I'm kind of really confused about whether I should choose the S8 or the S8 Plus. 1:I like the S8 Plus because it has a big battery,But the downside is that it is a really tall phone and unfortunately I have small hands unlike professional basketball players,LOL.I love the s8 so much because it is easier to text with,it can fit in your pocket very easily,and it's compact. Mr. Troche please WhatsApp me on +961 70 560 797, Thank you.

  4. None of these suggestion work. The battery drains just as fast. Samsung would aaon over Apple users if they made bigger batteries. So what if the phone is a couple of millimeters thicker. If I get a battery that lasts all day after playing music, I'd be much satisfied with my phone.

  5. Turn off Bluetooth WiFi GPS and data 4G while not in use will save you 25% juice

  6. you never ACtually say or show how to activate sleep mode. around about a minute into it. look. check. I really want to know….

  7. where does he get that animation when he locks the phone ?

  8. AOD will not consume battery at all if you set it to only show the home button…..I tried it and it works

  9. Put a static wallpaper instead of a live wallpaper, that also affect the battery consumption

  10. @jonny troche
    How do you get the double tap on/off the phone?

  11. can i charge my s8+ overnight? does it will be turn off automatically when its fully charged?

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