Top 5 programming Tips for Android beginners

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In this video, I am talking about most common Android tips that will help you a lot as a beginner in Android.
Even I have addressed that why you are getting gradle sync issues. How much Java should you learn to make an Android App and all such questions are answered here. Enjoy.



  1. Bro can I have your number. I want to talk to you once just 10 minutes bro my number is 9703533038

  2. Woow, I formerly had no clear path to android but you've nailed it Hiytesh. Thumbs up👌💯👏

  3. Sir, I really like the content and tips you gave about android. May you please tell us what concepts do we need to cover in java before android? from you experience

  4. Sir gradle problem in my Android studio. What can I do..?
    I have Windows 10 PC..

  5. Sir, ap kabhi kabhi dil ki bat bol dete hain…."The exact thing you want to do is really not available anywhere in any course".

  6. i am code lover but the truth is i have very little knowledge where do i start.? I want to be a software developer.

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