Top 5 Online Android Games Like Player Unknown's Battlegrounds #2

New best high graphics Games like Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds for android & iOS l VinIsHere

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Earlier part Top 6 game like pubg for android:-

Hello everyone brought another list of battle royale games like pubg for your mobile device this is part 2 hope you all like the video.

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Following are game names and…


  1. Yo tengo el link del player uknown android oficial de speedligh studio del juego si lo quieren pasen se por este canal y estará ene l vídeo y confirmó que lo tengo pero sólo lo pueden jugar los seleccionados asta el 18 de febrero por si les interesa me ayudarían con un like

  2. Check out rules of survival it's the best one i have gameplay on my chanell

  3. Rules of Survival is probably the best. I've realised videos covering different PUBG Knock-offs

  4. FREE FIRE BATTLE ROYAL IS THE BEST OF ALL .. 100% NO LAG, GOOD FAR LOOK , SIMPLE GRAPHICS AND GOOD CONTROLS EASY TO PLAY , DUO TALK? NO PROBLEM. SQUAD COMING SOON.! JOIN US NOW. SIMPLE AUTO AIM AND NON AUTO. >>>>> what more its good to be more fan if change into more realistic graphics like you can open on the doors, not others have this >>>> 100% because of good controls and good looks of graphics on a character at a simple zoom on this while you playing. Asians likes Free FIre….
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  5. Jesus fucking Christ alright, if you guys want some games identical to battlegrounds that are actually really well made and available on the app store (not sure about android)
    1.Rules of survival
    2.Knifes out
    Literally both amazing games, unlike all these trash roblox knock off's. If I helped you out feel free to subscribe. 🙂

  6. free fire doesnt work for me it only says connection error whenever i create an acc

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