Top 5 MMO's for Couples in 2017

We’re going to take a look at the best MMO’s to play with your significant other (or best friend). The MMO genre is an amazing choice for anyone wanting to play in a persistent virtual world with their friends. Hopefully our video can help point you in the right direction!

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5th place – 00:42
4th place – 01:52
3rd place – 02:58
2nd place – 04:28
1st Place – 05:48


  1. Thank you! Very helpful! Me and my gf will start with guild wars 2 but I'm sure we will check out the others in the list =D

  2. with the start this channel has, im surprised we dont have more?
    Heck. im looking for a game to play with my significant but i want the mmo to have a marriage system AND a good character creator. xD

    hard to find one that isnt p2w

  3. Very helpful I hope you retouch on this in a years time!

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