Top 5 Cell Phones to Buy | T-Mobile 600 MHz Network

Here are the 5 top phones to buy! Des takes you through the top smartphones for T-Mobile’s 600 MHz network that are worth checking out. Check out phone review and unboxings with Des:

Top Phones to Buy – 600 MHz Edition:
5. LG G8 ThinQ:
4. Samsung Galaxy S10.:
Samsung Galaxy S10e:…


  1. I bought a Samsung Note10+ unlocked. Does it have same capabilities as the TMobile variant?

  2. Love T Mobile but it's sad because you guys can't keep up with the iPhone 11 series demand. Literally all models are sold out

  3. I want that iPhone or the Note10 plus. Hell I'm even a fan either bad ass OnePlus phones…. but only on T-Mobile!!!

  4. Love the phones. Love the review. But TMobile 600mhz is pretty much a scam kind of like at&ts "5Ge".

  5. I have the S10 currently although looking to upgrade to the note 10 5G as soon as it comes to t-mobile ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ‘€

  6. Good news for me. My S10 plus made the list. All that's left to do is upgrade from Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to the Note 10 5G. Thanks @Askdes and T-Mobile

  7. Nice to see LG make the list. I have 2018's V40 and it's been a great phone. I live Northwest of Nashville and T-Mobile reception and performance has greatly improved. Customer service is always great.

  8. I have the Samsung galaxy note 10 and B iPhone 11 and I still donโ€™t have service at work in the office and Iโ€™ve tried the cell spot boost thing at work and still no service

  9. I have the note 9 and I love it! I would love to have the note 10 but my pocketbook doesn't match my wants! Lol.

  10. Or just buy any phone and switch to other network ๐Ÿ˜›

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