Top 5 BEST Smartphones of 2019

Which 2019 Smartphones are the BEST? Here are my Top 5 smartphones for 2019!
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  1. So difficult to pick just 5! Which are your Top 5? (Remember, we can still be freinds 😜)

  2. man you on the for be best seller lg v50 is one of the best phone ypu forgot and when is the hardness issue is on no one come next and you also didn"t talk of the real wide angel camera so go on sell is better for you !!

  3. oneplus best SO, you dont know about experience sensation. many channels agree, oneplus is the king.
    1:oneplus 7t (best SO, best features, for this reason is the most fastest smartphone with "low specs", it only loses to smartphones gamers) many channels agree.

    4:iphone 11pro max (zero flexibility, powerfull SO, but, everything in your home and office need to be apple system)
    5: realme x2 pro (monster inside)

  4. My humble request for all mobile phone u tubers that please dont pramote cheap low quality china phones. China uses this profit money for destroy india and other countries… samsung,apple,lg any many phones have profit which are not going to china . I know all phones manufactures in china but profit should not go in these anti indian country

  5. Great reviews! I am actually not into gaming. I am looking for an all around less than USD1,000 reliable quality phone with technology that can last for say two to three years. What would be your professional recommendation?

  6. All Android sucks. Poor quality and weak ass. Hard to use and all android brands sucks. Replaced with fakes easily. pixel phones…lol. Samsung tablets…nope. iPads win. The next level of devices. Apple has the highest revenue and is the number one brand. It is number two in phones according to how many people use it because most can’t even afford it. I have great experience with may phones and have done many tests. The true rankings are (number one:iPhone 11 pro max,beyond any android. Number two:Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra, the best android yet…iPhone 11 pro max has a better, bigger,brighter,stronger display than any other. Apple is the most trusted brand. And is financially,economically and technologically greater than any other phone. See for yourself, type company rankings and Apple or Disney would be number one. If you are looking for a phone, choose an Apple one, with a symbol of a glowing Apple. And now, apples greatest strike, releasing, Apple iPhone 12 which will rest on the throne for a long time. Better chip. Better design. With Apple care plus, sell your old iPhone to Apple and get another for a much cheaper price. iPhone 12 will have a Quadra camera system and will not brake. With new easy ways to control it, Apple has officially announced release on September, the moment everyone has all been waiting for. The unique company will be beyond any…Apple is always number one.

  7. My list:
    1: S10 Plus/ Note 10 Plus
    2: Mate 30 pro/ P30 pro
    3: One plua 7T
    4: Google Pixel 4 xl
    5: Iphone 11 pro/ Max

  8. Guys help me choose a phone my mom is buying me a new phone cause my grades are high and its my b day soon please give me some phone choices but please samsung only

  9. Oppo f1, cause it's my only one. I mean, you can donate your phone, just a phone for me, if u dont mind, i see it too much and some of it useless

  10. The pill cutout on the S10+ made me sell the phone. It essentially makes an entire corner unusable.

  11. The Asus rog phone 2 is in my opinion the best phone of 2019 for that price I mean 8 GB ram and just a good screen kwality and more things afkorce for 500/600 dollar is it very good

  12. I love how my S10 plus has a headphone jack and the expandable storage. It's been an all-around good phone.

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