Top 5 apps to get for any Android Car Head Unit!

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I wanted to compile a list of my favorite apps i have for my android car head unit. There are definitely a lot more apps that are a bit more technical and hard to get but this should be a good quick start to get the apps they need.

1.) Car Launcher
2.) Spotify
3.) Google Now
4.) Viper4Android
5.) Google Maps (I like Sygic and tomtom but these cost a bit more mula)

Thanks for watching!

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  1. Thanks, love your video. Just upgraded my stereo and your video was very helpful.

  2. Man my Spotify looks booty compared to yours, and it lags so bad… And this is 2020!! Lol

  3. Bu-en. You know there's a letter t in button right? And the music is just fucking annoying.

  4. Are there any up dated head units for the 2016 Forester to check out? Any links to where they sell them?

  5. you said Car Launcher but there are tons of it, which fucking one? provide the link ?

  6. hy john! i really like your youtube videos, really professional and clear. i have an alfa romeo 159 and i would like to change my head unit witch is a boring parrot asteroid smart (2 din) i saw the dasaita head unit the 10.2 inch with pivot display. do you think i t will fit good in my car? do i need a new front plate or can i just take mi old one build on my parrot? thnak you and keep going man!!!

  7. Thanks for this. I just installed my new system, and I've only scratched the surface. I use CARWEBGURU.

  8. Top tip. You will not need a Dab+ aerial if you are streaming from a mobile. It could save you £30
    I managed to buy a Unit with Blue tooth and GPS for £60 sent from china. It works great in a 20 year old jimny. I run facebook and youtube off it.

  9. Dude… Google maps is so shit. Weak ass map always takes me behind my destination. WAZE has your back.

  10. What car launcher is that? Play store shows different ones

  11. Hi there. I just download that launcher but I can’t add the “radio” app to that launcher. In the list to add apps the radio app is not there, but in the default launcher that came with the head unit it’s there. Do you know why ? Thanks!

  12. Waze is better then Google maps, with Waze you can see the traffic, somo speed radar, etc…

  13. Has anyone tried to install the pornhub app? I might get one myself if its possible.

  14. I have the same head unit but the 8.0 version of oreo, how do you get spotify to play on the go on there because the music kept stopping

  15. Google maps on an android head unit is horrible for one giant glaring reason, the offline map selection is four times wider than it is from top to bottom and there's no way to change it. If you need a north to south route, it's not possible beyond a very short distance. Horrible oversight by google and they will not address this issue.

  16. Ok my car is super old so what universal head unit would you suggest? It's a 2002 Infiniti G20….

  17. Do you use an external mic for the head unit or are you using the built in mic on the front of the head unit?

  18. How do you get the launchers on your head unit? I have a pioneer 8200 and it just goes to Android auto

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