Top 5 Android Hacks And Mods NO ROOT!

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In this video we cover the Top 5 android Hacks and Mods that do not require rooting your phone.

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  1. Only one thing I will cry about. I would prefer a list of the apps in the description. Other than that it's a good video. Solid apps and you get right to the point. No "smash that like button! Share with everyone! Don't forget to subscribe! Follow me on instafaceitterchat!" Lol seriously thanks though I'm almost 2 years late

  2. Snap swipe is a waste of space, the s8 already comes with that on the side of the screen

  3. I'm fine without the links in the description but why not a short text of the apps' name.

  4. fuck y dont u put the link on the description. your speaking to fast way we cant understand the name of the app

  5. sorry what is the name of the led app because I heard you say light flu but I can't find it in play store. ty

  6. Currently using Cornerfly on my Nexus 6P. It's like it's a new phone. Something so simple, yet so smart.

  7. These are some decent apps but have no comparison on root I can do more with a rooted s5 over my s8 plus

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