Top 5 2020 Phones That Will Change The GAME!

Top 5 2020 Phones Upcoming that will change the game! Samsung Galaxy S11, iPhone 12 Pro 6.7, Galaxy Fold 2, Huawei P40 Pro & More based on current leaks!

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  1. Wow the second you buy a new iPhone another better one comes out,

    Eh, I don't care, I'm happy with my Samsung j8 for now.

  2. Lol Hauwei first phone to be produced with that screen hahahahaha Samsung has been producing that for awhile now and even supplying other companies with the screen eish trade was has fukkkkkkkkkkkked hauwei up hahahahahahahaha

  3. As soon as he learns everything he said about the iPhone was wrong

  4. Your forced accent is disgusting buddy. Please calm down and focus on the right stuff. It's horribly annoying.

  5. I keep my iPhone for 3 yr then get the newest iPhone in that time (I always do that)

  6. Indian sound so funny hahah are u drunk ? Aloloalo indaporege dei tambi hahah

  7. For me the redmi K20 pro is the best phone on the market. The only reason I do not have it is because the 2020 phones will be interesting to see, especially with the iPhone redesign. Also, specs will be a factor in what I choose in 2020

  8. Ahh, i have purchased both Samsung OLED and LG OLED screens and LG is the king of OLED NOT Samsung, sorry bud

  9. I wonder if it's actually necessary to make the finger print faster and faster, it will make it a lot easier for friends to just take me phone, my finger and haul ass

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