Top 20 Best Android Apps of 2020!

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  1. If you are Google fan
    Just buy any Android phone except HUAWEI or HONOR
    Because huawei and honor willn't get Google apps and Android os in permanent way

  2. Thank you all developpers on 'Android'. I would to know why we are not finding application university forms directly on the phone. We could give our number of student with card nationality (not an obligation because national identity card is ever communicated with number of student at origin), crypt many times this number later in application and all datas given, apply directly without sent any 'curriculum vitae' to an university. That's the spirit of University to anonymise students. I am looking for a teacher, an university and finance for one of my too projects. The professors could be proposed in research when the student arrive at University or directly with the phone. Three professors could be proposed without any conversations or interviews. Smarphone could verify at origin faces (it's an original service for smartphones) and some elements of the phone could help university security university to confirm with confidentiality the student is not an other person.
    I hope you will write some programs like that. In normal way, there are not date in research applications. Some universities have date for entrance but teachers can take a student at any time during the year! I don't like recruiters. Only professors should be correspondants and application could be infinite for students who are looking finance and doctorate teachers. Only the evaluations in Master II are interesting professors in research at University.
    Please, write some programs like that. I thank you so much. Good luck with Programms.


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