Top 13 BEST Smartphones of 2020 (Mid Year).

You’ve heard about the iPhone SE (2020), Samsung Galaxy S20 / S20 Ultra, LG Velvet, Huawei P40 Pro, OnePlus 8 / OnePlus 8 Pro, but which 2020 smartphones are the BEST so far? Here are my Top 13 smartphones for 2020!

Few phones that I am yet to test: Redmi K30 Pro / Poco F2 / LG velvet / Motorola Edge+ / Sony Xperia 1 2.

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  1. It's a shame you didn't include the Sony Xperia One. Outclasses the Samsungs and iPhones by field lengths.

  2. Value for money:
    S10 Lite
    P30 Pro
    Mi 9T Pro
    Oneplus 7T
    Xiaomi Note 8 Pro

    That's it.

  3. I got 500$ to spend on a phone help me? Which one is best for that price or even lower!

  4. Give me a break the oneplus 8 doesnt even have a SD and they all look like Samsungs designs including the Huawei.

  5. I've had the Samsung A50 for a couple of months now, coming from an S9+. I personally haven't seen much of a drop in quality, for the 2 or 300 dollars I paid. My next phone will be the S20 though.

  6. I really wish Sony would have a bigger presence in the smartphone market, they make some really high quality devices.

  7. Hi, im currently trying to choose between
    -Oneplus 7pro (12 gb ram/256 gb)
    -play 5g nubia red magic (8gb ram/128 gb)

    i like playing games and making a video at the same time, which one should i pick? both have the same price

  8. What's the best phone money can buy for the best display for movies and videos. I mainly use my phone to watch YouTube, tv shows, and movies so I would like a phone that has the best display money can buy.

  9. Gee this guy is really good at this, a very polished and professional review, regardless of content.

  10. Mediatek and Helio and exynos are all no where near Snapdragon and apple bionic chipset.

  11. Eventhough iphone 11 series was released last year it is still in the game with a huge lead

  12. The OnePlus 8 Pro in Canada is the equivalent of $1000 usd. The 8 is $800 usd. It's brutal and really ruins their chances of selling much of anything in Canada.

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