Top 10 Video Games That Couples Can Play

Top 10 Best Video Games For Couples

What are some video games that would be fun for couples to play? In this countdown we present some of the best games out there that you and your significant other can play together without having to simply watch the other player. Are you two active? Try Just Dance series or Wii Sports for a serious sweat session. Are you two into music? There’s Rock Band! If you guys are more into…


  1. Here is my list:
    1- 7 days to die

    2- portal 2

    3- don't starve together

    4- resident evil titles

    5- syndicate

    6- mine craft

    7- far cry coop

    8- little big planet

    9- rust

    10- player unknown battlegrounds

    P.s: they're not in order.

  2. can you do an actual list for couples that BOTH want to game? not one watch and tell the other what to do (Life is strange and Wolf among us) <—as these are both single player. Girls game too, and we want better than this.

  3. life is strange and the wolf among us are really boring to play together because ther is most of the time not much going on, walking talking interacting…. thats it and alsothose are not coop games.

  4. The Wolf Among Us was such a fantastic game. Every time I played it on my laptop, my fiancee would pause whatever game was playing and watch. It's so rare for him to do that.

  5. Love this subject but what a let down when it comes to the choices. Where's Army of Two or Resident Evil????

  6. Most of these games are pretty much saying one of the people in the relationship doesn't really game. I was hoping for some real suggestions for me and my bf . I am a little disappointed.

  7. My wife and I are currently going through the Halo Campaigns on Master Chief Collection.

  8. I know it didn't make this list but the Halo games have always been the games that brought my lady and my self togesther. at first she could barely play but after 8 years she's a lot better and it's what brings us togesther. that and portal 2 (which did make the list)

  9. My husband and I like to play Borderlands. It's a good couple game as long as both people are into shooters.
    A few other options is Halo, Animal Crossing New Leaf (given you have two systems and games), fighting games such as MK or Super Smash Bros., and basically any Mario game.

    Overall this list is pretty solid, but should have had a few diverse options instead of assuming all couples play/will want to play casual games.

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