Top 10 Video Games that Couples can Play

Top 10 Video Games That Couples Can Play

01:00 #10. “Just Dance” series (2009)
01:50 #9. “WarioWare Smooth Moves (2007)
02:34 #8. “The Wolf Among Us” (201314)
03:34 #7. “LittleBigPlanet” series (2008)
04:17 #6. “Portal 2” (2011)
05:07 #5. “Minecraft” (2011)
05:48 #4. “Wii Sports” series (2006)
06:32 #3, #2 & #1

What are some video games that would be fun for couples to play? In this countdown…


  1. Watchmojo: Mentions the JD saga

    Also Watchmojo: Only puts clips of JD4

    The old JD: *AM I A JOKE TO YOU?!*

  2. If I played any of these with my girlfriend, she'd be fucking bored and just leave me by myself playing these

  3. "New super mario bros" HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH, dont you kbow that ruins friendships? Or have you not played the game, not controls, you can bounce on each others head

  4. Here are my picks for another top 10 Video Games that couples can play (While I already covered some of the video games on my previous post, I am going for ones i have missed. Also one player games will be accepted as long as they are dialog influenced)
    10) Call of Duty series
    9) Telltales Back to the future (Telltales version, not that LJN garbage)
    8) Telltales the Walking dead
    7) Goldeneye 007
    6) Life is Strange
    5) Portal 2
    4) The Wolf Among us
    3) Mass Effect series (dialog can be discussed as a couple)
    2) Little Big Planet Series
    1) Any Lego Games

  5. Shovel Knight co op is a favorite with my sweetie. Although, he really needs to pick up the pace, I'm tired of him lagging behind. INFINIDAGGER!

  6. Rayman! Best couple game ever. My husband and I had a blast playing it!

  7. HOW IS CASTLE CRASHERS AN HONORABLE MENTION. Me and bae play that all the time she thats our favorite game!

  8. should have been top 10 GOOD games for couples, gears of war? left for dead? army of two? rocksmith 2014?

  9. Games that you and your significant other can play together
    Mario kart series


    Also, WoW?

  10. Just Dance gets on the list but the LEGO games are just an honorable mention… smh.

  11. My gf and I played the crap out of Castle Crashers together at the beginning of our relationship. Been together for four years now. At least it got an honorable mention.

  12. I agree but I'll add Borderlands (all serie), Don't starve together, 7 days to die, TF2, Warframe, Garry's mod, Payday, Fallout or Mass Effect for the dialogues, Limbo, Killing Floor, Left 4 Dead, Warhammer: End Times Vermintide, World of Warcraft…. But must of all, Gears of War serie! 😀 I fell in love with this video game xD Some of them are more difficult than others ^^ I played all of them with my boyfriend ^^

  13. Nice list but I feel like they missed out on many other great games you can play with your significant other which may be better than these games. Don't Starve Together for example, or some games with co-op options like Far Cry or Dragon Age, they could have included or mentioned MMORPGs or MOBAs as well.

  14. I play Brawl and Kirby's Epic Yarn with my boyfriend, though he wasn't a console gamer much. I am a perfectionist with Kirby and can get a little annoyed with him losing beads or missing treasures ':3

  15. My significant other and I played little big Planet and it became complete chaos…

  16. Oh what, no mention of Cookie & Cream? I played that for hours with my sister and with dates; was fun and cute for co-op!
    (But really though, I agree. The Mario Kart games rule~)

  17. my girl and I actually take turns playing fallout and the elder scrolls. Sometimes we'll play as a shared character for a few hours, then have a few hours to ourselves as our own characters

  18. Your honorable mentions were more deserving as two-player than the Telltale Games (which are great on their own!).

  19. No Melee? We can't play Mario kart because my husband sucks at it and he rage quits too early.

  20. My boyfriend and I did resident evil 5 and 6, and also little big planet 1 and 2, and they're both a blast 🙂

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