Top 10 Video Game Couples

Top 10 Video Game Couples
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Games have a wide array of interesting characters and that includes ones in romantic relationships these couples get gamers invested everytime.

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  1. Probably doesn’t really count as a “video game couple” but Batman and Catwoman – Batman: Arkham City

  2. i’d ask if we could have a top ten gaming fan ships, but im scared half of them will be rlly cringy. cuz usually with fanship videos thats the case…

  3. All the Fortnite skin i ship(kill me now)

    Demi and stratus

    Funk ups and brite bomer

    Rox and vendenta

    Drift and clamity

    Dire and lynxs

    Fable and battlehawk

    (Im killin my self after this

    John wick and rook

    Ice king and ice queen

    (Im putting a bullet in my brain)

    Cuddle team leader and rex…ya know what,(drinks bleach) goodbye cruel world!

  4. Sonamy!!! Sonic x amy! Its obvious that for so many years sonic had feeling for amy but Sega has been hideing it! So then they conformed that sonic does have a crush on amy but hes to shy to tell his feelings for her.

    Cute couple!! I ship them!

  5. How about Abigail Roberts and John Marston from Red Dead Series?
    And Jake and Sadie Adler from Red Dead Redemption 2.

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