Top 10 Tricks to For Increasing Battery Life on the Galaxy Note 3

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󠀠 Top 10 Tricks to For Increasing Battery Life on the Galaxy Note 3
My Top 10 Tips for Saving Battery Life.

1- Enable power saver
2- Disable unnecessary features & gestures
3- Turn off WiFi & Bluetooth when not needed
4- Delete unused widgets
5- Close applications that you are not using
6- Toggle From 4G to 2G
7- Disabling Background Data:
8- Changing Application Sync Settings:
9- Set Brightness to ” Auto ” and lower Timeout…


  1. When i turn off my galaxy note 3 its is working and draining battery that's why i everyday charging my phone i wish this vid help me😦😊😊😦😦

  2. Android phone companies should focus on battery life. I have seen many branded phone. But the big f…king problem we are facing battery life

  3. Hello guys! Can anyone tell us. Which android phone is better for great charging life.

  4. Uploaded today 5 years ago. Oct 7 2018 and trying to figure out how to do this same thing on my samsung galaxy note 8 to save battery

  5. i turn off everything at the night is 100% ,the next day i didint use any battery but i saw my battery is 60%.What does it cause my battery.

  6. Don't have auto update on Play Store. Every time apps update, it could use up lots of resources and even drain your battery more. Only update the apps you feel you need — like the ones you'd normally use the most.

  7. thankgod now i can play pokemon go with out my battrey draining every 2 seconds thanks this really helped me

  8. Man , Is it wiser to buy a new battery for samsung galaxy note 3? because i been using it for like a year and the it is now draining really fast now compared when we bought it.,

  9. Shut up all of you this video is not for fool or useless people but this is helpful for busy people who have lots of works on his phone.

  10. Hey jonny! i have a galaxy note 3 but it take's too long time to charge bro tell me something what i do.

  11. I switched off everything and it's still dying fast. I'm done, I'm so done. whatever

  12. Help plz!! I have n9005 note 3 and it's running 5.0 lollipop and the battery life is running from 100% to 90% like nthn then from 90% to almost 20%-15%pretty decent then it shut down then i reconnect it and it's suddenly 0% what is the problem guys plz help!!

  13. For all the note 3 ( snapdragon variant only) sm n9005. Install snapdragon batteryguru from the playstore. This can increase your battery life.

  14. Great video! Very helpful. In case my Note 3 still eats up battery every minute, what would be the next best option? Factory reset everything?

  15. thanks for helping me out with some battery life man from tacoma wa much respect 10/10 video

  16. in this case buy a nokia 1100 , what is the point to have a smartphone ? all smartphone sucks on batery

  17. If we disable all apps and feature then why to buy Note 3, better to buyNokia 1100 or 1600… cost saving and no need to worry about battery and etc..

  18. Just use the one-handed feature where it makes the use able part of the screen smaller so almost half of the screen will be black.

  19. when my battery is  100% in night  and in morning it becomes 90% .. can i have some solution 

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