Top 10 tips for using Google Maps

Google Maps can do more than get you from Point A to Point B. Here are 10 of our favorite tips and tricks.





  1. If google map app sets a alarm option in it so that it is useful for everyone who where using this app because most of the people were travelling from one place to another by bus or train in sleepy mood so that they will miss they destination by sleeping in vechile and were landing in another places so if google map app sets a alarm it is useful for everyone to reach their loction in correct time

  2. My favorite feature is when the arrow points exactly at the opposite direction of where I ' m supposed to go .
    Very helpful .

  3. Google Maps is the most SHIT MAP IN THE WORLD, 1st i hab a s7 edge and when maps is on there is a GREEN BAR accross the TOP showing the stupid Street names for ebry street i dont need to know that fukn useless then there is a GREAT BIG WHIT BAR accross the bottom of the screen showing the time i will arribe unles i hab a flat tire then thats wrong the distance and time it will take so now i know all thet and want to look at the MAP i FUKN CANT BCOS THESE MORONS HABE USED UP SO MUCH SCREEN THE ONLY MAP I HABE IS LEES THAN A 3rd OF SCREEN OF MAP and it makes it so difficult to expand the MAP bcos there is not enough SCREEN on a S7 EDGE to use 2 fingers to EXPAND IT i CANT EBEN SEE ENOUGH MAP BCOS OF THIS SHIT ABOBE AND BELOW ON THE SCREEN ALL THE TIME FUKN USELESS IDIOT MORON STUPID SHITE FOR BRAINS PPL I WILL FIND A DIFFREN MAP APP AND TELL GOOGLE TO GO TO HELL The whole reason i got a bigger screen was to see more map and they FUK IT UP SO YOU HABE TOO BUY ANOTHER PHONE AGAIN the GS2 Still WORKS BETTER THAN THIS SHIT WHAT A BUNCH OF MORONS I DONT WANT TO SEE THE FUKN STREET LIST OR THE STUPID TIME AND DISTANCE ON THE SCREEN I WANT TO SEE THE FKN MAP YOU RETARTED DICKHAED MORONS. Next trying to set a route to use the nabigation is so fkn stupid ebery time i want to set that i hab too reset the dam Home local and set a new work local to get the dam thing to understand where i am going from and too and then it keeps reberting to some other destionation i had prebiously set GOOGLE ARE THE MOST IDIOT SHIT FOR BRAINS CRAP GO BACK TO SOME POINT IN THE PAST AND START AGAIN GOOGLE LIKE THE GS2 ERA AND USE SOME BRAINS. Then there is the stupid RECENTRATE NOTE STUCK TO THE SCREEN WHAT THE HELL DO I NEED THAT FOR I CANT SEE THE MAP BCOS OF IT then if i want to scroll the map left or right the thing SPINNS AROUND FOLLOWING THE DAM ARROW AND STREEET SO I THE HABE NO IDEA WHERE THE HELL THE MAP STREETS ARE IN THE DIRECTION I WAS IN THE CAR B4 BCOS ITS ALL SPUN AROUND WHAT THEFK CRAP WASTE OF TIME GO BUY A FKN NABIGOTR FROM GARMIN INSTEAD NOW. Its absolutely PATHETIC nothing is functioning so you can KNOW FOR SURE if something is ON or OFF like share you location if ya press that then it runs you round in a circle turnin this on then goes to settings so ya swith off location to make sure your not sharing and then ya hab to turn it on for maps to work again pathetic crap press eberything twice then theres this stupid big cross on the low bar next to time press that thinking the bar will hide and it stops the dam direction of maps the nabigating to destination this is so dam useless just for stupid SMILING HIPPIES always SMILING like this broad in this bideo YUPPIES with no PRACTICAL BRAIN FOR PURPOSE and EASE OF USE JUST ALL YUPPIE SHITE THAT IS UNPRACTICAL. DONT EBER BUY A GOOGLE MAPS IN YOUR LIFE THEY WASTE MORE OF YOUR TIME USING IT THAN GETTING USE FROM IT AND FIGUREING IT OUT TO USE IS HOPELESS BCOS YOURALWAYS ON THE INTERNET FIXING THIS OR THAT PROBLEM.

  4. The worst part of this map is the direction (compass) needs a few seconds to orientate before it points to the direction you need to go, Heck! That's too late as one has to guess which direction to take from start. It gets more complicating if you are starting from a cross roads. :{

  5. Is it possible to navigate to people on your favorites list or in your contacts just using their name instead of saying the address? Example is "Navigate to moms" or "Go to David Smiths"
    Is it only possible with Home and Work?

  6. I hate this map always take me to some random bush way one time took me to no trespassing house almost got me killed by the owner of the house

  7. How to fix google maps in the foreground while I am driving?
    Attention, many users from all over the world ask this question to which nobody has answered. If you receive a call while you are using Google Maps, the directions are minimized or even disappear. This involves very serious driving difficulties, risking making road accidents or getting a fine from the police.

  8. Yeah, no thanks. I have to draw a line on how much I'm giving my personal data to big tech companies

  9. How do you correct inaccurate address location on the map??. My address shows a totally different location. Though location shows accurately but not the address.

  10. Why iTim cannot amend his terrible iMaps? You should use the map your iPhone offers you and not taking Android's maps. iTim should have given an iJob to iSteve

  11. Hi
    why google maps using wrong ways on note 9 ?
    when im searching on my mobile giving me wrong and long way, can you please help

  12. can google map use on off screen ,because waze can not use off screen -when traffic jam for 5 min,waze will shut down it self, does google map the same when use on off screen?

  13. how do i get the map to zoom in closer automatically as i drive to my destination?

  14. Isn't this fake Youtube presenter enthusiasm crap wearing thin now?? How can anyone be so deliriously happy about talking about a mapping software. It is as wearing and nauseating as "Hi Guys (I hate being lumped in as "guys") and "what's up??? What's up is something you ask if something is wrong.

  15. How to change settings from meters to yards when measuring distances

  16. Never ever save your home adres on any navigation devise. If you lose it or it gets stolen they know you aren't home and where you live…

    Not only that, but how stupid are you that you need google maps to find your work and home adres every fucking day…

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