Top 10 Tips and Tricks for Call of Duty Mobile

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All the…


  1. The worst tips and tricks video i have ever seen
    Virtually no trips
    Forget about the tricks

  2. Plot twist: The game just made it VS A.I. when they just make noobs go there and get killed. They didn't bother to make bots.

  3. bro all these are stupid tips

    mojo: get those nukes

    new player: how the hell do i get nukes when i just started playing this morning

  4. Watch Mojo: tips on How to be good at CODM
    Also Watch Mojo: stands still while shooting and uses m4 with holo sight

  5. Personally i find using a controller cheating but despite the fact they made settings for controllers but its in the name call of duty MOBILIE

  6. These are the trashiest tips and tricks. They title should have informed that these tips are for BEGINNERS 🙄

  7. Such a great channel with such a crappy content ! Hire someone who's good at games guus !!

  8. Me: I finally learned how to use my index finger. I'm freakin' Legendary!

    Mojo: "Use a controller"

    Me: What the actual f*ck…

    EDIT: And, yes, Mojo's totally ran out of ideas. Anybody can tell.

    EDIT after watching the video: Oh, this is actually a noob's guide. Pardon my rant.👍🏼

    Final EDIT, I swear: Oh, I didn't actually watch the video. I just skipped through to see all the tips. Jeezus, why am I so upset with this?

  9. "Use a controller*
    You'll get destroyed by other players, because you have a delay in aiming, movement, or even firing.

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