Top 10 BEST iOS/Android Battle Royale Games Like PUBG Mobile 2020! High Graphics! [Free Download]

“Top 10 BEST Battle Royale Games Like PUBG Mobile for iOS/Android 2020! Best Mobile Battle Royale Games (Games Like PUBG Mobile for iOS/Android) PUBG Mobile Clone Game – High Graphics Battle Royale Games Android/iOS (Free Download) Top 10 Battle Royale Games iOS Android 2020 – Games Like PUBG (Upcoming Battle Royale Games)”


Top 10 Games, Not in Order (How Would You Rank Them?):

(1) Survivor Royale
iOS Download:…


  1. How would you rank these 10 games? And which of the upcoming ones are you MOST excited for? I’m most excited for Ride Out Heroes now, since I’ve played it a lot recently. Comment below your list and please click the bell button on my channel to be notified by future videos! 🛎

  2. Rules of survival in phone is not comfortable but in pc its so relaxing same as PUBG in pc

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