Top 10 Battery Saving Tips ll in telugu ll by prasad ll

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  1. Bro oka doubt .manam mana freinds యొక్క whatsapp chat nu hack చేయవచ్చా.?.ఒకవేళ చేయగలిగితే ఎలా చేయాలి?please reply.

  2. Prasad Annaya naku so far nunchi most dowbt ntante mbl lo power saving mode on chesinappudu paina battery colour green or yellow colour lo set change cheskodam yela. Present aythe Blue colour lo vundhi. Pls answer for this.

  3. Anna koncham practicallga chupisthe baguntadi battery gurinchi redmi note 7pro tips plz anna

  4. Anna mari meere chepparu kada recent apps thiyakudadu ani……… Mari grreenify gurinchi yanduku chepparu……

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