Top 10 Android Studio Tips and Tricks (YOU SHOULD KNOW!)

In this video, I’m gonna show you my favorite Top 10 Android Studio Tips & Tricks that I think you should know!

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P.S. I have finally upgraded my crappy mic to Blue Snowball Microphone! I am really happy about it, everything is great…


  1. Don't forget you can remove comments on the same line by pressing the comment hotkey again! (CNTL + /)

  2. Very cool stuff, I made a telegram group called hotkeys Android studio just look for us on telegram and we can all share shortcuts with w each other for example ctrl [ brings you to the next bracket and alt shift arrow up or down moves the line you're on or many or a few lines. Ctrl y deletes the whole line ctrl c,x on a line without marking anything just copies or cuts the whole line

  3. Good tips but Intellij has had these features for many years. I'm glad they decided to base android studio on intellij. As you said, there are many productivity helpers. Thanks for the video.

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