Top 10 Android Battery Saving Tips

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I share with you 10 tips to get the most out of any Android device.

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  1. my brightness does not go that low the phone I have is a coolpad phone from metropcs I should change the setting on it with GPS on it

  2. How do you get the longest lifetime out of a battery? That's what want 2 know, not run time between charging.

  3. You also can download save battery android app like purify app to make your phone use longer~i tried it successfully.

  4. I appreciate the video and the tips but that actually proves how bad Android manages battery life. Just look at the stand by times of the iPhone and compare that to Android phones. If I have to turn everything that makes a smartphone smart in order to make it last till bed time, that's a useless device to me. The iPhone 6 Plus and 6S Plus has amazing battery life without having to sacrifice any of the useful features that I'm using it for. I currently have the iPhone SE as my main device and it surprisingly has abetter battery life than my Nexus 6. That's ridiculous. Android has a long way to go.

  5. hey zollotech, what do you think between M6.0.1, and N7.0 preview 5? is preview 5 feeling better than Marshmallow?

  6. Widgets don't use any power compared to the QHD screen… You can of course keep them

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