To Root Or Not To Root? – Android Q&A

Jayce spills the goods on the risks & rewards of rooting your Android phone … Matrix style!

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  1. I bought a phone and its rooted. Can you uproot it? When I start it up there is a unlocked pad lock and says custom.

  2. Thank you very much for this video, really helped clarify my the biggest concern over rooting my phone, the brick, since this seems to happend only when installing a custom rom I should be more than fine since all I need is access to some apps that require root! Thanks again.

  3. Lmao I have no warranty on my phone, so yea. Anyone reccomend rooting or not rooting? I want to root it

  4. Mmmh …all this videos abt rooting
    They are shown with Samsung phones……that means i cant use my infinix?

  5. im actually getting an android tablet specifically to root it.
    so i wont be to sad if/when it dies,

    i plan on installing pure linux on it.

  6. I have successfully rooted my old / redundant mobile, on an experimental perspective. However, once I have uninstalled the unwanted system Apps (including Google Maps & YouTube, I have uninstalled the Root App itself, and reset the mobile to the factory settings. Therefore I have a feeling that, unlike the general belief, rooting a mobile doesn't harm the mobile at all.

  7. Well going to root your phone lots mean your literally taking risk of killing your phone I broke my 3 phone samung s7 and s6 also note9 shame on me

  8. I always rooted my phones (most are Xperia) and as long as the operating system and devices will allow this, I would only buy the ones with root ability, and preferably with an open source code for its CPU (Snapdragon nowadays). The features are so much enhanced!

  9. I love to tweak, and I love to root, but some apps I use don't like it because it opens back doors,
    I hope one day these oem's get with the program, people don't want there shit!!!!!

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