THL 5000-Android phone with 3 day battery life, doubles up as a power pack [Review]

Full review at .The THL 5000 is a new budget priced Android smartphone which offers the biggest battery we’ve ever seen on a standard 5 inch handset. This gives it a massive run time, as well as the ability to double up as a portable charger for your other devices. How cool is that?

The phone is also no slouch in the specifications department. It sports a 2GHz octa-core processor, 2GB RAM, 16GB of internal storage (expandable with up to 32GB microSD cards),…


  1. Is this phone still a good buy for someone who only cares about battery life or has it been superseded?

  2. Heya, The best info that I have seen was on Volt daddy (i found it on google) Without a doubt the most informative info on batteries and this type of gear that I have found.

  3. what a great review,  made me go and buy it :). only thing you need to make sure is its the "T" version as theres a 1.4 version that looks almost same.


  5. greetins from brasil. as long does it recharges .after all these monthssaw a problem i want to purchase it wanted  to knowyour opnion thank you..

  6. I must say it's an excellent smartphone. The more powerful octa-core processors would just drain battery-life.
    The camera is excellent, but the camera app has problems focusing when it's a bit dark, or lack of contrast.
    But Ive not seen the reported problem of it not capturing light well. Perhaps in comparison with other cameras, but I find it excellent!

    And the reported problem with the battery having trouble charging after half a year, can be solved by charging from a computer (with 500ma), instead from the 1500ma charger it comes with.
    Avoid all fast charging fads!
    This phone can survive for days from just 50%, so no need to overcharge, and charge it over night!
    Avoid that, as you will only heat the battery, making it's life shorter.
    Read more about handling phone and computer batteries by googling "lithium batteries extending life" or whatever.

    I think this phone will last me years, but technological innovation is exponential — so who knows. A phone designed for VR and with pure Linux… drooling

  7. How is the camera in low light? I have a 4000 and I'm thinking of returning it and getting a 5000 instead, I just hope it wont lag like the 4000 camera does.

  8. Id keep your thl 5000 you look like your one of the lucky ones thats got the model with the true ips display and not the model with the lcd display

  9. I want to get one but ive heard thl have changed the screen to an lcd people are now reporting back saying they have washed out colours and poor gamma on the screen now with the new batch of thl 5000 they did it to cut costs. I dont understand why phone companys do this

  10. Cool is it laggy hows the performance on it ? Does the battery really last and has it got different themes ?

  11. How about the sound and call quality? I,m interested to know if it has any voice background noise cancellation microphones and if the speaker is nice. I can see some people are complaining about the loud speaker and headphones use. Pleae comment about it. Otherwise, I'm sold man!

  12. Hi nice review mate. There's one thing I'm curious about. Does it support any wireless display devices like chromecast? I know this phone is on android 4.4 and I'm really looking forward to trying out a kit-kat phone that can perform screen mirroring to TV with chromecast!

    I presume you're also from the UK right? Do you know if that works on any 3G network like mobile from sainsburys for example? cheers!

  13. Quick but important question (if you're the right person for me to ask): I currently live in Australia where I can utilize the 3G coverage, but I visit America for a while each year. If I can't connect to the 3G networks there, what could I do? Could I still use it for the basics or would it essentially be worthless during my trip?

    Thanks for clearing this up for me if you know!

  14. Seems like a great phone, but not being able to replace the battery kills it for me, regardless of the size of the battery. I've gone through enough batteries over the years to see a pattern where once a battery gets a certain amount of use, it starts losing its ability to hold a charge. I can see my phone two years down the road, where I'm in a position that I don't want to upgrade the phone, because it's still a great phone, but my 5000mAh battery is only holding a fourth of what it did when it was new.

    Maybe I'm just two fussy about it, but I would be hating that. And to a lesser degree the lack of a larger micro SD slot would not work for me. Mind you, it all depends on how you want/need to use the phone. I suppose we don't really NEED to put a 128GB card in there, lol.

    Thanks for the review. Haven't heard of THL before, but it looks like they will be an up and coming force to be reckoned with, as you pointed out.

  15. HI, have u heard anything like to install Lollipop on this device. I've ordered it 🙂 ?

  16. i bought it an i hope it will have 1,5 year life.i have the galaxy note 1 and 3 years now works like a charm!

  17. I got this phone a week ago now, I am really impressed with it, but the only thing that annoys me is the battery because the performances I'm getting is way lower than the performance I expected like the battery drains super fast when gaming, 3G literally drinks the energy out of it. I'm not even near the promised battery performance. What can I do? (there are no background apps running etc)

  18. [UPDATE 2]: Just received 2nd firmware update. First time ever with any phone (including Samsung HTC etc). Can't say what's changed, except you now get a notification when you plug it into the USB of what time a full charge will be complete. Very neat. Apart from that phone continues to perform well. It's hung once (quick press of the red button restored functionality instantly) and we're still learning about the safe charge routine (which seems to be 2 days if you want to avoid running out mid-day of the 3rd day on your travels). 

  19. HI. I have a THL W100 which is a great phone for the cost but it has no notification LED.  Has the 5000 got one ?

  20. What is the build quality like? I've been researching this phone and I have never found anything on the build quality. Does it feel solid? Does it feel like it would last? Or even survive minor drops? Hope you don't actually test it on your phone to let me know 😛 Thanks.

  21. Hi! great phone. does the camera have all the standard features like the popular phones e.g digital zoom, panorama, optic image stabilization, burst mode…etc. In other words would there be big differences between the camera of this phone and other phones?

  22. so i am considering buying.. however wanted to ask something. In the video the game was not using sensors. Does it play games that use sensor control as smooth? Also do all sensors work as they do on other phones? Also is the Play Store legit .. i mean as it appear on other phones and does it give you updates for apps when they come?
    Great phone tho and i am close to buying it

  23. Hi, great review! I would like to know if this phone supports USB(OTG)-Audio. I am planning to plug a portable DAC into the phone via USB through the OTG adapter. Would you by any chance be able to test if this works on this phone? Thanks 🙂

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