This Fortnite mobile clan montage will make u join us (Fortnite mobile clan)

__Team Obeyel__

We are a rising gaming team with rising-potential players. Our goal is to improve our players and bring fun to this clan. We will appreciate your support by being part of our beloved community no matter what if your underrated or just starting out because we are going to bring fun in our clan and improve you with us! #ObeyelOnTop

__What We Offer__

• Amazing Competitive Players
• Active Chat
• Team Effort
• Great Staff
• Amazing GFX

__Requirement Info__

• Be…


  1. Can you search me up on insta @paradox_fnm and see if I am decent? Just fyi have just switched hud and sens so not playing my best in recent clips

  2. Hey I would LOVE to join ur clan (btw you are all cracked) my epic is TTV_twis_shadow

  3. Wow you guys are really good can u help me get better at Fortnite mobile please? Can u please tell me your epic

  4. can I tryout ive been wanting to join a clan for a while now . my epic is Soggy_tac0 i
    pretty decent im not cracked like these people but im decent i have a high TRN rating on fortnite tracker and Im good at build and i get high kills

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