This $100 Smartphone will Blow your Mind.

One of the Best Budget Android Smartphones I have ever seen!
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  1. Isn't this company bankrupt already and its founder has faced lots of controversy?

  2. The Company Ended making Phone now I think
    They where not bad phones just its gotten hard to stay in ring with other budget brands

  3. Wow I am amazed at what that does for the price!
    If I was to buy any phone for 100$ I would definitely get that one!

  4. Time when companies didn't put 4 camera and VIBGYOR color in smartphones

  5. I have one and it still works just fine haha ofc compared to the XS its pretty nah but overall its a good phone

  6. can you do a 2020 update? A great phone with a great camera for $100. One that could possibly have the Camera 2 api enabled?

  7. He: subscribe it's free !!
    Indians: I m about to blow up this man's career

  8. Isnt this the phone of that guy who tried to compete with tesla and failed?

  9. buy one iPhone 11 pro because of the 4k camera/video recording
    or buy 10 of the Leeco phones with almost the same amount of ram and also 4k video recording and picture taking.
    I would rather buy this phone. It looks likes an iPhone, no its an android, no its a combination of all!!!

  10. What this phone user says:This phone is so good at gaming…
    Downloads GTA San Andreas
    *turns to high graphic*

    Also me:Why my house exploded too???

  11. The "4K" in the thumbnail made me thing it was a 4K screen, not a camera… lol

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