The Truth About the Escobar Folding Phone!

The truth behind the $399 folding phone with the Escobar name… save your money.

The shirt!

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Samsung Galaxy Fold review:

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  1. I smell a video title: JerryRigEverything: Escobar Fold Teardown ( I found cocaine inside )

  2. You r such a GREAT Tech Reviewer but 1 thing, can u plz plz like blur that girls photo cuz:
    1st of all I'm Muslim so I was fasting and I should not look at this kind of stuff
    2nd of all I don't even like to watch this kind of stuff….. u know at I mean
    And Thanks

  3. I would like a galaxy fold but can’t afford it but I’m looking for a new phone, should I buy Escobar fold 2 and take off stickers?

  4. So MKBHD found Galaxy Folds on sale for $400 wrapped in gold and is telling us it's a scam… Maybe you're in on it, buying all the phones, and rebranding to start your own knockoff brand. Wake up sheeple.

  5. Maybe when you order they buy the telephone from china, it takes even more time know because of corona.
    In china you can buy which phone you want with which name or logo you want, laser engraved this is just cheaper.
    You can also choose what parts you want inside dirtcheap. I learned this of docs on youtube, 50 $ for newest iphone but whats a $ worth vs chinatech,. Money and borders fools us and controls us, samsung the real thief.

  6. What a way to advertise a tech product, I have never seen a product like that get advertised using women wearing lingerie

  7. why hasn't Samsung sued them
    "well things don't happen as you wish in Columbia"

  8. Subtitles at 10:50: …Escobar's faulty smartphone…
    Me: Makes sense
    Later: … it's a really really incredible innovation from some amazing people in Stockholm Sweden…
    Me: WTF

  9. Its not an Samsung Galaxy Fold, its a chinese copy, ive seen those everywhere in my country (Argentina) if you look carefully, they are smaller and the display has less definition than the original one. That's why the price is $400 and not $1800. Still a good phone for $400 if you don't care is made in China.

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