The Truth About Switching From Android to iPhone in 2019

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So, you want to switch from Android to iPhone but you have some concerns. Some stress points. Some… things that are just slowing you down or holding you back.

There are a lot of totally valid reasons someone may want to make that change. Yes, still, today. And, also some legit reasons you may decide not to make the change at all.

You’re the one living your life and paying…


  1. TL; DR, today I switched from a galaxy s20 to an iPhone

    I had a galaxy s9+ for 2 years and it finally broke. I then go a galaxy s20, and HATED the battery life. I thought maybe it was just me but my best friend got the same phone (she previously has a galaxy 8), and she too said the battery life on the s20 was poor. For as much as I paid for it, this is unacceptable. I found a promo deal for an iPhone and returned the s20. I honestly don't know how I feel about it yet so far I don't like it it feels counterintuitive.

  2. As long i am able to switch my sim card from my android to iphone and keep same number i have now then i am totally okay with switching. I've been wanting to try something new for a long time… I thinking of buying iphone 11 and just try everything out… Since i dont often download music anymore and mostly use spotify.. But least your able to use google and everything on iphone so thats a plus.

  3. Just ordered the new iPhone see, going to try the apple life. We'll see… I do like that if I don't like it, I can sell my apple stuff for close to purchase price, the used apple market is crazy!

  4. I honestly like having money as opposed to buying $2000 phones 🙂

  5. I am phone user.. I switched to android but android software is sllllllloooow.. so i am planning to buy an iPhone

  6. The release of iPhone SE 2020 has spiked my interest in Apple again and so I searched some videos.

    I'm impressed with how thoughtful, concise, and packed with information the narration of this video is. Really, I have seen many comparison videos, and you, Rene Ritchie, have made every second of this video useful. Keep it up. I need to follow you (your new channel, after checking Vector).

  7. Guys reply to this comment if you are a new to use iPhone i need your opinions about it thanks😉

  8. So yeah I've been an Android user for the past 3 to 4 years now and i have a plan to get an iPhone i think 2 years from now because i just bought my new Android phone last December… Should i buy an iphone and get rid of my Android?

  9. When i switch from android to iphone. If my instagram, snapchat, and YouTube is all connected to google. Would i still be able to excess them with the iPhone? With the same account? So i dont have to restart accounts?

  10. My style is, and it has been going on for years.
    1.My Phone: Samsung galax only.
    2. My Tablet: Apple ipad only.

  11. for me a phone is a phone.. but I have the s10 + thinking if I should get the iphone 12 since i want my phone connected to my macbook..

    should I do the switch??

  12. They're both great platforms, I went from Pixel 3 to iOS,
    iOS is simple, but Android is highly customizable which is great, so really I use a iOS as my main, then Android of a back up

  13. I honestly am a android user. just ordered my iphone x just for messaging and calls. I really wish the android iphone case comes out already

  14. Hi I am using the android phones for almost 8 years now, and planning to shift to ios, my question is that will i be able to connect my iphone to windows pc and smoothly navigate as i used to do with my android phones ?

  15. Android is a superior OS. Unfortunately Google ruined it for their interests

  16. The last time I used iphone was the 6 plus. I have been through a lot of different brands like Sony, One Plus, Samsung and Huawei. Ill never buy a sony again but the rest have been pretty good to me. Ill be returning to apple on the release of the 12 for a few reasons but Im looking forward to having updates for past a year or 2

  17. Why I'm considering switching to the dark side: iPhones receive updates longer and hold their value more. My Galaxy s8 came out the same year as the iPhone 8 and is imo a better phone (on par with the iphone X). But today the s8 is worth half as much, and is no longer getting updates while the apple phones will get OS and security updates for years to come. Apple just supports their products better.

  18. I have been on Android for 10 years, I switched to iPhone, cause I couldn't find an Android phone I actually liked. I am very happy on iPhone, it was hard at first, but I've been for 1 year on iPhone and I saw the beauty of Apple 🙂

  19. The Google apps are not as good on an iPhone. I don't think so anyway. Chrome was completely poor on my old iPhone, nothing compared to on my pixel 3

  20. I switched from android to iphone and probably won't switch back. I just like iPhone better. I don't even know why.

  21. i have Android and love it. But i will only get a Iphone if the notch goes.

  22. I couldn't justify getting an iPhone when Android, as a platform, is better (both in use and customization). And Samsung, as a device, is better (display, camera, charging, reverse wireless charging, durability, and apps). I have a 4 year old Samsung that has a higher resolution display than the newest iPhone.

  23. Well I'm talking Flossy Carter's advice on this one "if you used android for year try iOS. If u had iOS for years try an android" I have the S9+ I wanted to go to the S20 Ultra 5G but I'm thinking I'll get the 11 Pro Max. #bestofbothworlds

  24. android for pretty always still i switch to iphone. everything i thought that i would dislike i did.. no app dock and not able to move the icons to the button. other than that..its a phone. the battery is amazing though.

  25. I have had both and personally I like Apple but I LOVE Android ❤ Specifically the Galaxy phones.

  26. Okay, I'm debating whether to go with the iPhone 11 or the Galaxy s20… I want the cool features that come with the s20, like the sleek design and cool camera but, the on the other hand, iphones also deliver that sleek design with an amazing camera. I have never owned an iPhone but I've used them in the past, the software is just.. I don't know, sleek. I think I'm going to try something new and go with the iPhone. But, this brings up an other issue. is it worth not having the customization on my galaxy watch/and galaxy buds… If you're seeing this, can you help me decide. Thanks -Braden

  27. I've used every single generation of iPhone since the 4th in some capacity, and I've always been stuck with either my 4s or 6. I was consistently unsatisfied and obsessed with the prospect of android devices, specifically Samsung products, so I'm finally happy with my Galaxy S10.

  28. These days with everyone so concerned with battery life I’m surprised more people don’t carry 2 phones, 1 Android and 1 iPhone. I have a iPhone 11 and Galaxy Note 9. I love having the best of both worlds. And yes, I am and always will be a Samsung fan. I just appreciate the things iOS does well too.

  29. I’m so done with note 10, it keeps saying battery too low and I’m going to change it too apple

  30. I made this change in the last couple of months. Have been on Android since the Note 3 and have changed between the Note and S range since then. My last Android phone was the s10+ which was an amazing phone. However the latest Note and S range didn’t excite me at all and for the first time the iPhone made me interested. I now have the 11 pro max and I have to admit I really like it. I have realised both systems have their pros and cons and the great thing is there is so much choice. For now I’m with IOS and very happy but may change again in the future.

  31. i went from iphone 6 to samsung 10 and i regret the move – phone 6 far more stable

  32. I want the iPhone 11 for pretty much to fit in but I want the Galaxy S20 because I have always used Android. Any advice?

  33. Fyi and for those that read and heed this comment. Google pixels suck. The camera has a major flaw where it will shut the phone screen off while the AI in the background. Best advice stay away from it.

  34. I like both. Apple for smoothness and longevity ( thanks to updates directly from Apple ) and android for customizations AND FREE MUSIC DOWNLOADS

  35. Android for games, and IOS for professional or daily uses. The range of games and apps available for Android is something apple can never keep up. The fact that apple have different app stores for different countries that offer different apps is a no go for me.

  36. My life of the phone nobody in the world who use more phones that me 1- galaxy champ , 2-Samsung galaxy s2,s3,s4,s5,s6(edge),s7(edge),s8(+),s9,s10(+), Sony xperia z1 , huawei p30 , Iphone 4, 5,6,7,8,x,max,11,11pro ,11 pro max. I used them all atleast per year or 6 months , good thing about iPhone they perform the same way u bought from the first day

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