The top 5 tips for new iPhone 7 users

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If you’ve picked up one of the latest Apple iPhones, here’s what you should know.

Tech tips and tricks:

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  1. Why should I spend more after buying a $700 phone to get all these adapters when I could just stick to my iPhone 6s which is cheaper and is basically the same thing but with a headphone jack and no adapters to worry about

  2. That's just stupid when you're promoting apple but also promoting android…
    when there's nothing special about android in this video…

  3. That Free 5GB is nothing, specially if you have a girlfriend……You should use Dropbox Ithink you get around 50 GB for free.

  4. That's why even if iphone is cheaper than android it's still more expensive in the end………

  5. Why is it when android phones remove the headphone jack no one complains. But when Apple does it everyone gets upset?

  6. Android addressed let's go with the other option… iPhone 6S or 6S Plus if you want to save some coin

  7. The best thing is that apple battery case i have it and i can use may phone for almoat to days of heavy usage

  8. thank you for saving us the time to give you a tip of getting an android phone 😛

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