The real reason American health care is so expensive

Hint: single-payer won’t fix America’s health care spending.

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Americans don’t drive up the price by consuming more health care. They don’t visit the doctor more than other developed…


  1. Because your university education is so expensive so professionals including have to charge more

  2. Just ask for the bill and then the price will decrease dramatically 😂

  3. The 1% and corporations have convinced with a well funded campaign that health care for all is bad…greedy and soulless billionaires run this country.

  4. I have been dealing with some issues in my body for the past few years. I do not know go to the doctor because I cannot afford it. I know a lot of people with similar issues. This country needs a fix, especially during this pandemic.

  5. You don’t need to make this nearly 6 minutes long, there is one simple conclusion.

    America loves money.

  6. Can we also compare the time and cost of becoming a doctor in the US x Other countries? I believe doctors in the US deserve to earn more because they often need 3x times longer of training to become a doctor and hundreds of thousands of dollars more than European countries.

  7. Saying America's healthcare is the worst because it is the most expensive is like saying a Ferrari is the worst car because it is the most expensive. Did you know America leads by far in drug development? Say I just went to a store and told you, "I just spent $20! That is expensive!" Your first question would be, " What did you buy?" You see Vox is only stating the cost not the treatment.

  8. What if the public healthcare doesn't work so they have to pay more for private?
    It would be nice to have some interviews of individuals work in or use both private and public healthcare

  9. There's one huge thing that this video gets incredibly wrong: THE USA DOES NOT HAVE A FREE MARKET HEALTHCARE SYSTEM

  10. Really interesting. It is fascinating to see how subtle (or not so subtle) messaging from politicians and the media telling Americans to be scared of a more socialist system penetrates as deep as it does in regards to heathcare. Where does this deep-rooted fear of the state come from? American's love their presidents and country but they also never really trust the state.

  11. The history to why this happened is very interesting to me. Back then going to the hospital was pretty cheap and not a pain but when insurance companies rose and they requested all hospitals to raise prices so the Insurance companies can get their share of the profit

  12. Welcome to Vox, where nobody watches the video and only talk about the title

  13. broke arm got ambulace ride got painkillers got cast go home 2 days later surgery to fix arm get painkillers and cast but whats the price you ask? 350€

  14. Funny thing is even some third world country offers free healthcare 😂

  15. Although he makes good points
    I respectfully disagree

  16. Isnt everything wrong with America? There is only a few sane, nice, un – ignorant ppl there

  17. If you have a population that would rather bankrupt themselves or others than pay some taxes, you see the problem.

  18. It is right to convince the doctors to charge less for health care. But at the same time, how can you tell them to charge less while still asking them to go through years of school without income and in fact taking out large debt. If your boss said you need to take a 50% pay cut while doing the same work are you going to keep working for them? If you are going to ask the doctors to get less paid, you need to also take care of the price they have to pay for their training. Otherwise, who can afford a life of being a doctor?

  19. Education, Transport, Electricity, Water, Healthcare are essential services. They can't be for profit.

  20. In the USA, anyone can walk into a private hospital and demand and get free health care. This is what causes US medical care cost so much. Illegal aliens routinely use the emergency room of private US hospitals as their primary care and pay nothing. I know a case personally where a US woman I know had a baby with a problem, and an illegal alien was there in the hospital with a baby having the same problem. The cost of treatment was about 1.5 million dollars in each case. The US mother paid $60,000 for the bill with insurance paying the bulk. The illegal alien mother paid nothing. So the hospital ate 1.5 million dollars thanks to an illegal alien getting free service that US citizens do not get. This is what needs to stop. The US government forcing un funded mandates on private hospitals that have to pass the expense to US patients that pay their bills.

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