The Problem with Live Streaming Code

Live streaming code has some fundamental flaws that are holding it back from becoming more successful.

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  1. How the hell do you go from making a quicksort algorithm and end up with bubble sort cmon dood

  2. Im sorry but how is this even a question "why is coding live streaming getting less views" ?
    People watch streams of games they themselves play, thats the case most of the time. I personally know 0 people who also do programming, but almost all of the ones that i do know play video games. of course the games will get more views because not everyone is a programmer, but almost everyone there is a gamer.
    This seems like a stupid topic, to me it seems that something like this would be obvious.

  3. another problem with streaming: sometimes you accidentally reveal a piece of secret key/credential and have no way of knowing if someone would take advantage of it

  4. I like the way Jon Gjengset does his live streams. They are pre-prepared projects that he goes over for educational purposes and during the stream he answers peoples questions, he later posts the stream to youtube.
    With a traditional youtube video, you don't have the live feedback to figure out where people get confused and it more closely mimics an actual lecture/TA session you have in school.

    Obviously I don't think this format will be as popular as a game live stream but they are completely different things, so no point in comparing them really

  5. Honestly better things are rarely the most popular and hipster ones, so basically if its the most popular probably is not the best, therefore I dont give a fuck about trendy stuff.

  6. People who watch livestreaming, regardless of gaming or coding, are there almost always for the streamer themselves or the community, rarely ever for what they're playing/coding (key being almost always). When I stream I try not to code anything I want to get serious work done on and focus more on the occasional visitor in my chat

  7. I've always felt like livestreaming code is just a gimmick to broaden the "content creation" reach of various people. I agree with your points, and aside from a very select few (I like watching Kent C Dodds update testing library live), I personally don't get anything out of it.

  8. I have to agree. I've been thinking about live streaming my game development but, I realize that I have a hard time getting things done when people are consistently asking me questions. I want to be mindful to my audience but, at the same time I want to get my game done.

  9. lol the real problem is that not a lot of people consider watching someone coding as a form of entertainment.

  10. Just film yourself programming and stream it later. Then you can answer the questions from time to time by pausing the video or just with your microphone

  11. Ah, you assuming people are actually doing real work when doing a coding live stream and not just editing their Vim or Emacs config.

  12. >not having Serenity OS development streams in the background for a productivity boost

  13. What's your stream handle? Also, how did you search for people coding? Did you use the tag system? I'm trying to see how I'd stack up and things to look out for and things to change to make coding on a stream more appealing. I think I personally have a good system, but I've only been doing it for a few weeks to a very small viewer count.

  14. to live code well, basically you have to have wrote the same code many times, that's why some CS professors were able to live code in class. You can't solve new, challenging or complex problems live

  15. wow, if you have problem live coding quick sort with people watching and asking questions, you probably would completely stress out during Google Interview

  16. ever heard George Hotz. His coding videos can get 200k views on youtube

  17. I like your videos a lot, you can explain very well, Coding Garden CJ in comments is also Top, but I have you demystify this(my opinion). It's simply because people are either lazy to learn new hard things(rather with stupidly watch gameplay over and over) don't even start with those Bits they are able to throw money away just for fun, worse than Slot machines. Second case are people like me, busy with actual workload/tired after whole day of IT muggling, because working in understaffed team with Mgmt. douchebag breathing on your neck, trying to persuade how easy everything is, it's not a Rocker science, c'mon. So that's why you have smaller audience because IT guys are resigning to be still self motivated, to learn new stuff. Sorry for negative attitude, maybe it's just me(current situation). On other hand I have say that we viewers admire your archive/playlist videos on topics, I enjoyed Graph like 3times, until finally got it. Keep educating. Big thanks.

  18. I actually enjoy Adam13531's streams a lot and he actually works on projects everytime. I think coding+streaming at the same time is a skill of sorts and probably takes a while getting used to. I used to stream music production and I pretty much quit, largely for the reasons you talked about. I couldn't get anything done and overall I felt anxious the whole time. I do agree as a learning experience, coding strams aren't the best but I like having coding streams on in the background while I am coding something else. Cheers.

  19. This should be common sense Ben Awad. Think about it.

  20. Can I say how much I love him ❤️ listening to Ben is always so much appeasing and kind of calming…I asked on of my friend recently why she thinks I love this youtuber so much she said he looks smart its true… but I think it's because he talks with so much assurance about anything even when he is questioning himself he is always doing it the smart way I am in love with this youtube channel so much!!!

  21. Kitboga had like 6-7k people watching him write code a few days ago. He did get a lot done but he did pretty well I think. He was also under “just chatting” instead of “coding”

  22. Problem is what you want to be a problem.
    Horse having legs can be to be a problem, shoot down its legs and it cannot run away from you.

    Problem in coding is that it is hard to learn in other words what you tried to say in the video.
    To turn it into challenge you make a language that is easy to learn for everyone so it would be streamable.

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