The Motorwerks Minute- Smartphone Integration and Snap-In Adapters

In this edition of the Motorwerks Minute, Anders (our BMW Genius), gives us an overview of what we can do with the Smartphone Snap-In Adapters available for many new BMW models. Available from the Motorwerks Parts Department today at


  1. How is this any differ t than just plugging in with usb cable…….

  2. thus has got to be the worst thing i hate about my 7 series….fucking center console is a big fucking joke. its gaw damn useless for storing anything

  3. Please make it fit iPhone 7 plus at no charge to people who have current snap in current cars all 2017 models worldwide 👍🏻

  4. All of these options are available when you connect your smartphone via USB or Bluetooth, which are more convenient and do not take space in the compartment.

  5. Hello, If I bought the snap in adapter , will I be able to use the BMW APP option ? Note: I don't have the navigation package …..pls let me know

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