The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening – Secrets of the Heart-Shaped Dungeon

Nintendo Minute is never a minute! This week we’re arranging Chamber Dungeons for each other in The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. This is such a cool new mode and a great way to challenge your creativity and share your dungeons with your friends. We hope you give this a try when the game launches for Nintendo Switch on Sept. 20! As always, thanks so much for watching and we’ll see you next week.

-Kit & Krysta

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  1. The dude on the left can, at anytime, stop railroading the lady next to him. Like come on man, learn how to conversate without interrupting people CONSTANTLY.

  2. 6:00 wish I watched this video before playing, you would have helped me with this boss fight lol 🙂

    absolutely love link's awakening- zelda in general 😀

  3. This game is fun to play if you don't know what your doing you'll never advance. The game doesn't provide enough information to explain how iteam or even game mechanics. I literally have to look up something every other minute and the secrets are almost impossible to find. Newer zelda games show the player how to use an item and what it does instead I gotta run around with magic powder throwing it on everything try to figure out what I can and can't use it on. Sometimes after moving from one dungeon to the next you have no idea where to go or even what to do. You know it's bad when the owl doesn't even show you where to go. It's fun I just wish you explained more so people don't have to wonder around for hours on end and giving up. To be honest I wish I could get my money back for this and save it for breath of the wild 2 cause at least in the 1st they explain how to play and what to do.

  4. there is a reason i went to this vid is because WERE IS NETFLIX ON NINTENDO SWITCH

  5. Krysta: "I'm a boss fight panicker"
    You and me both…
    Also, did anyone realize that Kit might not have won this challenge as fast if Krysta hadn't pointed out how to best that magician boss battle?

  6. Fix the framerate Nintendo!! The game is wonderful, but the framerate needs some polish…..when entering a new area or exiting/entering a house the game is studdering

  7. Doug Bowser should hire a 3rd wheel member of your posse. Me.

    Just saying. Team player. Over achiever. I do Skype interviews. Will wear costumes for free. Can start yesterday.

  8. The only complaint I have about this game is that we have over 20 Zelda amiibos but only 5 amiibo rewards in game 🙁

  9. I know it’s sounds cheesy, but in Breath of the Wild 2 I hope they keep the trend with only using piano. Then later in the game with the master sword and hylian they can blast the original Zelda music with a full orchestra. It would make it more impactful. Kind of like yeah this is the real Zelda and Link at full power fighting evil in the Hyrule you know and love.

  10. Very good and well polished game. Even single player games like this can be played/shared with two players 😁

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