The House of Da Vinci 2: Rubik’s Cube Puzzle Solution – Chapter 6 Secret Library (Blue Brain Games)

I made this for those who still needed help with the four arrows puzzle.

See more of my guide here:

Download link:


  1. South L 3x
    East D 1
    West U 1
    South L 1
    East D 1
    South L 1
    East U 3x
    West U 1
    South R 2x
    West D 1
    North L 1
    East U 1
    North R 1

  2. I followed all the moves you did, but the second move from the end is not the same. I restarted the game several times and tried again. But the result is the same 🙁

  3. 80 views and the vid just posted. Ya think a few of us are stuck? And even with the vid, I'm still stuck.

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