THE FORGOTTEN FREE CAR XD | 4* Lamborghini Asterion Multiplayer in Asphalt 9

Asphalt 9 Lamborghini Asterion Multiplayer
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  1. A9 is just for kids, its got great graphics but the physics is like the mario kart franchise and u don't need to grind so much in the game which makes it lame, it for lazy asses
    A8 is spot on, good graphics and physics and u have to grind a lot for vehicles

  2. Dont even play this game, played asphalt 8 rarely for fun ages ago, played asphalt 9 in the beta, but just deeped how far mobile games have come, this is easily passable as a current gen console game, even if it isnt triple A its still on par with some current generation console games

  3. This car is a pure beast, I like it cuzz it's such a good feeling when I humiliate GS players with this car 😛

  4. sup my dude!!! Would it be fine when u do a Q&A give a Shout out to my best friend who is a newborn youtuber? I know that someday he will be pro at this i hope so!!!

  5. 1. I started A9 a few days ago, I take a break from A8 and myself 😅
    2. Yes, it's good Asterion like in the A8, it's a good starter, I have 20 blueprints for it, and I hope to gather more quickly, so I can start this game well 🙂
    3. At least the A9 has a driver in the car 😂😂 This was the first think i notice when i start it =)))

    Very nice video and impresion for this free Lambo 👏 Thanks 😀

  6. Guys would you recommend me playing A9 on mobile with bt controller or without it?

  7. I made it in top 300/10% in one race in the festival kit cup!!!!😯😯😯😯😎😎😎

    Really I am saying the truth!

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