The Fool-Proof guide to building an Android App with Python Kivy

Use a virtual machine to make and Android Application Package (APK) out of your python code in just 5 keystrokes. Guide and downloads at


  1. While running buildozer debug it shows an error of no module name virtualenv._main_ ;
    virtualenv is not a package
    which comes from virtualenv binary containing "from virtualenv._main_ import run_with_catch"
    I dont no how to solve this .please help.

  2. Article link redirects to some german 'make easy money' site, mind updating it?

  3. great video! what his steps were to make this video set up a virtual box with Linux on it, install python and pip install bulldozer, kivy, and the dependencies in. made a large bulldozer.spec file for people to modify for their project. saved the entire virtual machine for people to download and use. these steps can be broken down and studied to get it working for you if it is not working to troubleshoot. look up installing linux virtual box how to.

  4. I have import openpyxl in my file.When I run buildozer android debug everything works fine .But the app crashes on my Android.Can you tell me how to import openpyxl.Can you try import openpyxl in your app and try it on your android.

  5. What about kv files? Buildozer is able to compile them accordingly? i.e I have and main.kv to be compiled but somehow apk is not working just a blank screen! Any help?

  6. nice job! do you know how to insert an image icon which we can see while opening the app on our phone?

  7. hey man. nice tutorial. can u pls send me the working link of the vm disk image?

  8. To copy a file from your vm to the host machine, you could just enable drag&drop. No need to upload it somewhere or copy it to a USB stick.

  9. i'm facing the following error, anyone to help please

    Refresh Sources:
    Mar 06, 2018 12:35:41 PM org.apache.http.impl.client.DefaultRequestDirector tryConnect
    INFO: I/O exception ( caught when connecting to the target host: Network is unreachable (connect failed)
    Mar 06, 2018 12:35:42 PM org.apache.http.impl.client.DefaultRequestDirector tryConnect
    INFO: Retrying connect

    thank you in advance

  10. How can i connect to internet inside the virtual box. I'm sorry to ask this question on this platform, but i know this is the right place where i can get better answers. Thank you in advance.

  11. The Linux instructions usually result in error after error. What worked for me was docker.

  12. URGENT: Please share the VDI file.. the link you shared is not working 🙁 …. I m fed up of installing dependencies…

  13. you can download a vm already packaged with buildozer on the kivy download page. Those with intel chips enable VT-x from the bios.

  14. corrupted file!!!!!!!!!!! wont work unless you can get a valid copy of this .vdi.

  15. getting an error when I try to boot. error: invalid arch-independent ELF magic
    entering rescue mode…
    grub rescue>

    anyone know how to fix this issue???

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