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Selected by Harry Hayfield for #ThrowbackThursday. It’s 1925, and the greatest game in the universe is being played on a field in England. A case of mistaken identity means that the Doctor is in to bat. Subscribe for more Doctor Who clips:

Great clip from the 1982 mini-series, Black Orchid.

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  1. I’m only 17 but I remember watching this scene on tv, not the ep, just this bit.

  2. Compare this to "The Unicorn and the Wasp", and you'll see what the new series does wrong. Here the country house set were downplayed, in TUATW they were exaggerated and utterly unbelievable, bar the actress playing Christie.

  3. I to improve this story: the killer is the master or another incarnation of the meddling monk who tries to kill a lot of British people just to see what'll happen if there weren't many British soldiers during WW2 and wants to see the results of Germany winning the war.

  4. Black Orchid is the most British episode of Doctor Who ever. And I love it

  5. Peter Davison is actually that good in cricket, the same way Matt Smith is that good at football, or as us Americans like to call it, "soccer".

  6. Does anyone (besides Tegan) think the Aussies will notice if we bring this version of the Dr into this year's ashes England team? 🤔

  7. Black Orchid was the 1st purely historical Doctor Who story without no aliens,monsters or mad scientists for the Doctor to fight against since The Highlanders in Patrick Troughton‘s era.

  8. You missed off the best part of it , where they were comparing him to the Master (the Dr as in Dr Grace) !

  9. The only historical episode (the Doctor and his group being the only sci-fi elements in the story) since 1966 (2) – I believe the series with Peter Davison referred to every previous storyline in the series, starting with the full-scale return of The Master (3) in "Castrovalva" to The Doctor regenerating in The Tardis (1 to 2) ""The Caves of Androzani).

  10. As a very American person, I have no clue what's going on in any of this.

  11. I really liked this episode, I know people have mixed opinions on it but I really liked it. No complex storylines or unrealistic monsters, just a simple Earth-based story with an easy to follow plot and a satisfying conclusion that's effective for all characters involved.

  12. This reminds me of episodes like The Lodger. There's no spooky aliens involved, or The Master doing… stuff. The Doctor is just being the Doctor.

  13. For a Indian whovian who likes cricket a lot,
    Watching Doctor play cricket is pure joy!!

  14. Gives you sample of the Tardis trips that skipped Cybermen, Daleks, Autons. I mean, occasionally, the Dr. must have had some normal and there.

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