The Composer's Guide To Tonality Demo. Interactive PDF compatible with Windows, Android, iOS & macOS


Created using Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro

An interactive, simple to use book in PDF format with all the maps in every key, in different levels and styles. Get the benefits of having a landscape that reveals the secrets of harmony without having to learn any software. Compatible with Windows, Android, macOS & iOS (Acrobat Reader recommended)

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  1. All of this work is simply stunning. Really amazing and clear tutorials and a mind blowing app!!

    BUT WAIT!!! Can I really not play in or manually type in / grab chords from a pull down ??? There is a crazy level of visual searching involved here. While I get the importance of knowing where you are going to find the chords on the map… it seems a desperate hole to not allow for a speed chord entry method so as to get to the real work of playing around with the progression…

    Have I missed a function?

    Thanks for the insight in advance.


  2. Hi, what tool can i purchase to learn and master the Jazz solo piano or lounge/cocktail jazz piano? Thanks.

  3. I’d love this if only Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro 7 worked on iOS. I just don’t use my desktop often enough and version 6 is so lacking.

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