Firstly, I’m so excited that TFT mobile has finally released – TFT Set 3 has been so much fun to play and I can’t wait to create some beginner guide content for it especially as Teamfight Tactics has now launched on mobile! I’ve added TFT: Teamfight Tactics download links below. LoL Autochess has been fun on the PC but as it has come to mobile I wanted to create a TFT Beginner guide for new players – not only to Teamfight Tactics but also to autobattlers in general. Below you will find all…


  1. I wanted to create this for the release of TFT on mobile – I know this is VERY basic for those of you used to TFT/Auto Chess but this has a wealth of info for completely new players so I hope it helps. the Description has link TO ALL of the resources in the video.

  2. Hi! Upon logging-in, you're asked in what region do you want to play? Is it possible to change the one you selected?

  3. I love LoL, but I have no clue how to play this game. This kinda helps but I still don't know what I'm doing lol

  4. Completely amazing video. I am not so new to TFT as a game.. I play more LoL, but was drawn into tft.. never played auto chess battler games.. but that didn’t stop me. I’ve played tft before and it’s awesome, I can usually get to late game, but struggle closing out games with a win.. safe to say I’m not “NEW” to the game, but I am new to auto chess.. this guide helped me quite a bit more than I thought.. please make more of these in-depth guides for advanced tips.. tyvm and you got my like and sub!

  5. Used to play league religiously so I'm familiar enough with the pieces/items to get by, but this was WILDLY helpful with getting me better acquainted with the autochess mechanics. Thanks a million, friend! Maybe I'll finally be able to win a game ;-;

  6. i never played mobas or auto battlers or anything. so it'll be challenge for new ppl like me. at first its very overwhelming but with practice and A lot of losing you'll get better. you cant just pick up the game and automatically be good like other games. it takes time

  7. I know who you are excoundrel been gaining knowledge since vainglory . Let’s start on how I own people

  8. How can I add my friends on tft mobile? We are using iPhone and Android so are we unable to connect the two?

  9. why this game cant running 60 fps on my phone??

    im running on galaxy s8 , chipset sd 835

    but no overheating issue on my phone while playing

  10. I'm really confused about what's going on and I think it's complicated ! After your video I understand a little more, hopefully it can make my game easier

  11. Excoundrel, youhad the best breakdowns on meta in the vg days so you were my go to for tft.

  12. The devs should pay you to do this because i wouldn't have tried this game if u hadn't introduced it to me.

  13. I have no idea what I’m doing so thank you for making this 💕💕💕

  14. Will you play it and put a new category on your channel?
    I have watching you since the beginning but i Don´t playing AutoChess anymore.

    I would be Happy 🙂

  15. You’re such an awesome guy, Excoundrel.

    Just watching any of your videos gives me a good feeling. You really care about us —the viewers/players— and you do your absolute best to ensure each person starts off with an understanding & fair amount of knowledge. Your content is relevant for everyone; and you’re giving the newer players (like me) a good foundation to build on.
    And that’s huge.

    You’re just such a kind, good-hearted person. It really never gets old, because it is genuine. I really appreciate you, even if it were simply for being yourself. And by thinking of other people, you become even MORE than yourself. People like you make the world so much brighter. And everyone could use some extra sunshine. So, thank you for shining, and genuinely caring! 🙂

  16. Are we getting an update on Project Spellfire soon?

  17. Thank you for this guide I played some autochess games but this one seems different so I'm glad you did this guide

  18. No way! I used to watch your auto chess games this is awesome to see that you are going to play this love your content!

  19. I would love a similar video for legends of runeterra
    I have never played a card game before so I have no idea how to play that game.

  20. Played my first game last night and honestly hated it. I won with a 6/6 cyber tech build but it was so overly confusing. This coming from an AutoChess player that been playing it since it came out. I'm sure I'll get it in time but having never played LoL it's hard to get used to all the characters, abilities, different synergies. Plus with all the artwork and graphics it's difficult to even understand what's going on in combat. Growing pains I know but initial impression was I almost uninstalled it after 1 game.

  21. Or you can sell that 4 cost champ to get early economy and maybe go for lose streaking or u can buy more champs with that gold and get more pairs and possibly go early win streaks 😋.
    Btw nice video many many new peoples are trying out tft cuz of mobile release will be really helpful for them.
    Also I'd love to see gameplay vids and more advanced guides xd.

  22. Is there any tag team? I love playing Autochess Mobile with my brother, might be great to play TFT in duo as well

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