The Bow and Arrow Choke with Killer Gripping Details

Step-by-step breakdown of one of the most powerful submissions in BJJ. From ‘Top 5 Submissions, Sweeps & Escapes’ for iOS & Android:

This instructional is a module within the Grapplearts BJJ Master app. That app is free to download and comes with more than 457 minutes of free black belt instruction. Here are the links to grab it for your phone or tablet for free:



  1. I love her! Her instruction is so clear. She makes everything sound so clear and simple.

  2. Bow and arrow choke best in BJJ but I wouldn't even think about doing that I. Self defence because Gi's are made specifically for chokes, ordinary jackets are not

  3. Can someone tell me why this hold hurts I donโ€™t see what makes it hurt? Sorry if itโ€™s a dumb question

  4. Stephens head looks like a cherry by the end of the choke. ๐Ÿ˜

  5. on the first choke, who was watching Stephen waiting to see if he was gonna lose consciousness instead of listening to Emily? Am I the only one?

  6. Thanks im only a yellow white belt but I have learned this a while ago I forgot how to do this thanks again

  7. I thought the bow and arrow had your thigh on there neck pushing away as you pull the lapel. Or is that called something else?

  8. This is really good stuff! Emily really knows how to utilize technique to overwhelm strength and size. Thank you Stephan and Emily for always putting out wonderful videos and giving good instruction!

  9. I was rolling with a heavy guy who just lay on his stomach and held his lapell with both hands. I couldnt do anything. can you make a video for that? ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. This is one of my Judo instructor's favorite choke holds. He's way too good at it but when I try using it in a Judo match I struggle with it. I love these tips which may help me out a little in our next newaza training days! Thanks Stephan and Emily oss!!!

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