The Best Way To Play PUBG on MAC

This is the best way to play PUBG on MAC, I mean on ANY MAC even on old macs.

The MUMU Emulator is another emulator that you can us to play PUBG Mobile on MAC in case you run into any issues with the above mentioned method. The great thing about MUMU Emulator is that it is supported by every version of MAC OS. You need to follow the steps given below in order to make the emulator work properly. As everything is written in Chinese so be sure to follow the steps carefully or you might end up…


  1. Will I be able to import APK files into MUMU emulator? Because I live in china i need a VPN to access playstore as were as google search

  2. Im having multiple problems. The right mouse (aim) button is only toggling and never untangling= Meaning Im stuck on Scoping when I aim and cannot get out of aiming even if I press M2 again. Furthermore I cannot sprint. Sprinting is not working out, I suspect this is because u have to swipe up to sprint can you PLEASE teach us how to sprint its really vital to game play and teach us how to unarm please

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