The BEST way to play CoD? Tencent Official Call of Duty Mobile Emulator [4k 60FPS, Mouse & Keyboard]

If you tried out Call of Duty Mobile and thought “this is a lot more fun, I wish I could just play this on my PC!” Well…. now you can. Tencent has released the “Tencent Gaming Buddy” or “Tencent Gameloop” with an official emulator for Call of Duty Mobile – bringing mouse & keyboard controls, graphics options, and 60FPS!

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Download Tencent Gaming Buddy GameLoop:…


  1. I have Geforce 1060 but ultra hd setting is lock !! Is there anyone to know how can I unlock that ? I want more FPS 🙁

  2. i get failed to download cod mobile in gameloop it self why? i try admin update windows and reinstall but noting happen what can do to fix i have bluestack but i think i get there a ban in the game

  3. Please help me. When installing COD Mobile in Gameloop it keeps on restarting my pc 🙁

  4. Is there a way I can make it so ingame i have to hold to loo kdown sight instead of click in click out??!? cheers in advance

  5. Hi, does anyone know how to use the Vtol jets to make the vtol move on pc gameloop? I have been trying to figure this out. When i get the vtol it auto moves and i see other players move vtol manually. Anyone help?

  6. I am having a problem. help, please! I can't select "confirm" option for the new update in C.O.D., for season 4 on my emulator. currently I am re-installing gameloop again, to see if the problem goes away, or not! did anyone face this type of issue?

  7. i'm use gameloop,som time not working only mouse left button,some time not working mic and my teammate voice

  8. This gameloop are so fking garbage, sometimes it freeze screen and ranked matching timeout 48015

  9. At least they got Crash to work on this.
    A good COD4 map that would never start on the abortion that was MWR.

  10. why is my nitro 5 laptop shutting down and showking blue screen problem when i open the CoD in gameloop tencent. please help me

  11. alot of the time when I use lmb or rmb, it doesn't fire or scope in. then after 2 secs it works again, but i'm already dead ofc.

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