The Best Under $15.00 Tripod for Smart Phones? The UBeesize Tripod

This $14.00 UBeesize tripod is an Amazon bestseller,!

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  1. if i hold it up with the legs straight down will the phone face straight? or can you screw it a certain way to make it face straight

  2. This video totally sucked. You assembled everything prior to showing how to assemble. Not very good!

  3. Could I use something like this for a Europe trip? Say taking pictures in front of the Eiffel tower if I positioned it on something?

  4. i have an LG power x phone and when i record it using the bluetooth remote it wont stop, only start the video. When i press the button it only takes a photo while in video mode. please help

  5. I’m thinking on buying one for Christmas but I don’t know if the grip is able to switch so it can hold my phone vertically.

  6. Just purchased one!! Now my you tube videos will be done better ! Thanks for the video! Everybody check out my videos

  7. My Bluetooth keeps disconnecting and won’t just take one photo. It takes bursts of over 40 photos. Piece of junk 😖

  8. Hey I just watched your video pretty cool tool I just received mine and I open the package wasn’t sure what Connects to what. Thank you

  9. Next time try to set up the tripod on a handrail or piece of wood. So we can see how it work

  10. I love you, guy! I have been trying to figure out how to adjust my UBeesize tripod after misplacing the instructions. Thank you for your video!💙💜💕👍🏾👏🏾😎

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