The best travel apps for Android

Traveling can be a real pain in the rear end. However, if you have the right app, it can make things a lot easier. Today we take a look at some of the best traveling apps for Android.

App List:
Agoda – –
GasBuddy –
Hipmunk Flight & Hotel Search – –
Hotel Tonight –
iNextBus –
Taxibeat -…


  1. You forgot to put in the title "… for people who live in the US". None of these are usable in most of the world, and I'm in Europe. Thanks, but no thanks.

  2. Top ten apps had a very North American bias – there is more to the world out there!

  3. Hey android authority, may I know what the background music that starts 4:00? Cos it sound pretty awesome!

  4. no Skyscanner!? any other flight finder is a joke compared to it.

  5. This comment deserves no likes and is a waste of your time…thumbs up if you agree.

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