The Best Smartphone Tripod Mounts | Android and iPhone

Here are the best smartphone tripod mounts for Android and iPhone. This video shows you several smartphone mount options that work well for holding in your hand or for using with a tripod. I cover budget phone mount options as well as higher end options (still somewhat cheap) and explain the pros and cons for each. Choosing the right smartphone mount might be something you don’t think about, but you’re wasting your money if you get the wrong one.

This video will help you figure out the…


  1. Hi Dee thanks for the very helpful video. I am a complete newbie. I ended up buying the Joby GripTight One plus a Manfrotto PIXI Clamp and I also got the SideKick 360 Plus. Making my first little video today!

  2. Any thoughts about what adaptor for iphone to use with a Switchpod? Got that for Christmas and have no idea what adaptor works best!

  3. Hey Dee isn’t there an iPhone case that has a grip where you can hold it to the side with one hand and vlog? I’m looking for one to add to my gear.

  4. Hey I’m in the market to get a tripod at least 50” for my iPhone 11 Pro. Any recommendations you can give me? I mainly want to use it for when I travel.

  5. I have the MeFOTO SideKick 360 Plus and it's made of great materials and has a lot of features. It's the best tripod adapter I've had and it's well worth the money. I'm still using the BOYA BY-M1 you mentioned in one of your other videos.

  6. So I ordered the MeFoto mount in the smaller size for my current iPhone XS (but upgrading to the iPhone 11 pro), since the bigger size isn’t supposed to be able to get small enough for the phone. However, the smaller size can’t fit my phone with a slim case, which makes me think it definitely won’t work with the new phone which is slightly bigger. I like how it has the option for horizontal or vertical filming, and don’t really see that with any of best other mounts. Any advice?

  7. Would you mind reviewing some inexpensive blue tooth remote controls with zoom in/ zoom out/ shutter control. I find wireless shutter controls on Amazon, but not many with zoom. I've found wireless keyboards which mention music control and other things, but not camera zoom. I've only done a super quick amazon check, but am really interested in your take on these. What do you use? Thanks!

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